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NEW: State Vendor Sends Wrong Tax Forms to Retirees

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Incomplete tax forms have been sent to Rhode Island state retirees in error, according to the Rhode Island Office of the General Treasurer. 

A department spokesperson said Wednesday that some state retirees have received incomplete 1099-R tax forms due to a "vendor error," and are advising retirees not to use the forms they may have gotten to date and are advising them to wait for new ones to be sent or to go online for the correct ones. 

Statement from General Treasurer's Office

Spokesperson David Ortiz provided the following statement on Wednesday:

"The vendor responsible for printing and mailing the 1099-Rs experienced an error in print production, omitting the following information:
·         The Federal Tax Identification Number for the Employees' Retirement System of Rhode Island (which has been changed to 04-3257275 effective with the 2015 tax year)

·         State income tax withholding in 2015

·         The mailing address of the Employees' Retirement System of Rhode Island 

Retirees are advised that State tax has been properly withheld from their annual tax distribution. The withholding doesn’t appear on the form they received in the mail because of a printing error by the outside vendor.
Retirees in the state's retirement system who recently received 1099-R tax forms in the mail are advised not to use these forms, as they contain incomplete information. Retirees will receive an updated 1099-R in the mail no later than February 1, 2016.
The cost of re-sending 1099-Rs will be borne by the vendor.
In the meantime, members can immediately view and print a correct 1099-R today by logging into their account at http://www.ersri.org.
Retirees who need additional assistance are asked to please call ERSRI’s customer service team at (401) 462-7600.
The Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused its members."


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Elorza Travels to Guatemala to Meet with Discredited President

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza went on a trade trip to create a sister city program with Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina, while Molina's administration had been under investigation for months.

Molina's Vice President was forced to resign over a kickback scheme for imports, a corruption ring was being run by the Vice President’s private secretary, and the President's son-in-law was arrested in July for drug trafficking. 

Read the story here.

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Providence Journal Publishes Social Security Number on the Front Page

The ramifications of GateHouse Media cutting copy editors at the Providence Journal may have hit its most significant impact as the Sunday edition of the Providence Journal included the photo of a college list of a family that included the social security number of a family member.

The cover story titled, “Life-altering decisions” focused on a group of Rhode Island families and their college admission process. The main photograph was of a college list of a Warwick, RI family and the image included their handwritten list of targeted schools and had other notes including a clearly readable social security number issued from RI. 

A number of Rhode Islanders contacted GoLocalProv as they recognized the social security number prefix “037.”

Read the story here.

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Roger Williams University Paid Elorza to Teach a Cancelled Class

Right in the thick of the highly contentious mayoral campaign in 2014, then Roger Williams University Law School Professor, and candidate for Mayor Jorge Elorza was scheduled to teach one class at the University during the fall semester.

According to Rhode Island ethics filings, the non-profit Roger Williams University paid Elorza for teach a class that did not take place. Roger Williams University is in the midst of a major expansion in Providence, moving its law school to the city and moving to the former 38 Studios building. 

Read the story here.

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Prov. Muncipal Court Judge Caprio's Cars Registered in Narragansett

Frank Caprio, the Chief of Providence’s Municipal Court, registers six luxury cars to his home in Narragansett at a fraction of the tax payments of registering them in Providence where he claims to live.

The six vehicles include: two Mercedes, two Lincolns, and Infinity G37 and a Toyota Highlander and all of the vehicles are late model. 

Combined, Caprio’s vehicles are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and by registering them in Narragansett versus his claimed home in Providence he has saved tens of thousands of dollars over the past few years

Read the story here.

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Nathan Bishop Graduation Flap

First, Nathan Bishop Middle School in Providence opted to cancel traditional promotional exercises this year, instead allowing students who have qualified for a "Celebration Day" by adhering to academic and citizenship requirements to participate in an in-school barbecue. (Read the story here)

Then, following communications from the Principal of Nathan Bishop Middle School in Providence to parents stating that traditional graduation exercises would be replaced with an in-school "Celebration Day" barbecue for qualifying students, the school has changed course to have its traditional promotional exercises. (Read the story here)

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Raimondo Doesn't Disclose Commerce Corporation Member's Ownership of Fetish Club

A newly appointed member of the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation is the owner of a controversial West Warwick nightclub known for kink and S&M events, but the announcement of the appointment by the Administration of Gina Raimondo and the Commerce Corporation's website fails to disclose the business interest.  

Vanesa Toledo-Vickers, along with husband Jim Vickers, runs the establishment Manchester 65, and since opening in July 2013 has regularly hosted fetish nights and controversial music performers, in addition to national acts.

Read the story here. 

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East Side B&E King Facing Mutilple New Charges After Being Back on the Street

With much fanfare, Providence resident Trey Pinkerton was arrested and identified as a major cause of a recent spate of East Side break-ins this past August. 

Since his arrest this summer, however, Pinkerton was released -- and tied to the recent Scituate break-in and police chase on October 6 that ended in North Providence and led to the arrest of six individuals including Pinkerton who was charged with possession of marijuana.

"He's currently being held at the ACI,' said State Police Lt. Colonel Todd Catlow.

Read the story here.

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Providence Backs Off Proposal for Speed Bumps on Boulevard

The City of Providence is pulling back on a proposal for speed bumps -- and lumps -- in their look at addressing what some say are speed and safety issues on Blackstone Boulevard 

As GoLocal reported, a public meeting drew strong opposition to a plan to restructure the Boulevard with "traffic calming" measures.

The city said that "after analyzing data and collecting feedback from community stakeholders during the public hearing, the City will not be placing traffic calming devices -- such as 'speed bumps' or 'speed lumps' -- on or around the Boulevard."

Read the story here.

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Johnston Official Calls Black Pastor "F--king" Black Owner of Church

In a video tape exclusively obtained by GoLocalProv, a Johnston town official is heard making a racially charged statement regarding a church pastor’s attempts to rehabilitate a historic church in town — and the reverend is calling the town’s treatment of his efforts racist. (Starting at the 2:25 mark of the video.)

In a meeting with his supervisor and the contractor on the project that was taped, Johnston building inspector Ben Nascenzi can be heard referring to Reverend Dr. Chris Abhulime as “the fucking black owner” of the former historic Belknap Church.

Read the story here.

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Raimond's Female Staffers Paid Less than Male Counterparts

Despite campaigning on the issue of pay equity for women as a candidate for Governor in Rhode Island, Gina Raimondo’s staff is top heavy with highly paid men, who on average make significantly more than women. Four of the top five highest paid members of the Governor’s staff are men and the only woman in the top five was a Republican appointee.

According to data obtained by GoLocalProv through an Access to Public Records Act (APRA) request, of the 30 staff appointments made directly by the Governor to her personal staff, 17 are female and 13 are male, but men on average make 14% more in annual salary.

Read the story here.

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Why Did Providence Turn Down Plowing Help From Johnston?

Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena said that during the recent snow storms, he reached out to Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza to provide resources for the state's capital city, but that Elorza did not take him up on his offer.  

"My crew, and the Johnston [Department of Public Works], have done a remarkable job," said Polisena, who has been Mayor of Johnston for eight years, after serving as a State Senator in the Rhode Island General Assembly for twelve years.  "It's costly, but the good thing is no one's gotten hurt, no one's been injured, and public safety gets to where it has to go."

Read the story here.

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Raimondo Pushes for Truck Tolls with No Plan

First, Governor Raimondo unveiled her plan to toll trucks to fund an infastructure bond at the 11th hour of the General Assembly -- which not surprisingly didn't pass before adjournment. 

Then in the fall, the RI Truckers Association blasted the revenue projections for the tolls -- and then filed an Access to Public Records Request in December, saying the Administration was withholding information.

Then, the GOP blasted the Administration on December 30, saying the Administration failed to respond adequately -- and questioned why a map of Rhode Island roads from 1882 was included.   Heading into the 2016 General Assembly session, it is still not clear where the gantries would be.

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Elorza Miscalculates Firefighter Reponse to Platoon Shift

When Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza announced he was reducing the Providence fire department from four platoons to three for what he said would be projetected cost savings, the firefighters -- who had not been briefed prior -- immediately fired back

Callback costs soared, and firefighters galvanized around both a PR and legal effort to counter the Mayor's move.  Then the Mayor demoted the fire chief, hired a former one as a consultant, and made the Publid Safety Commissioner acting chief -- and chaos ensued

A Saturday night staffing cut at stations in the city in December further added fuel to the fire, as the firefighters continue to fight the Administration in court heading into 2016. 

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PawSox Providence Stadium Miscalculation

When the new ownership of the Pawtucket Red Sox unvield their plan for a new stadium in Providence -- asking for more than $100 million in state and local aid -- the public pushback was almost immediate. The initial plan proposed was dead on arrival when, after the first Commerce Corporation meeting to consider it, Governor Raimondo rejected it outright

After opposition throughout the summer from Pawtucket residents as well as members of almost every political persuasion, Speaker Mattiello said in September that talks with ownership had ceased.  

Call it Rhode Island’s 2nd Bloodless Revolution - the defeat of the proposed PawSox stadium in Providence maybe a seminal moment in Rhode Island’s political history.

Read the story here.

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INVESTIGATION: RI's Hottest Company Leaves, RI Officials Never Met with Them

A GoLocalProv public document request to the Governor’s office, Commerce Corporation, Providence Mayor’s office and Providence economic development officials found that none of them had a single meeting with the Teespring in 2015. The company tagged as one of the hottest in America has announced it is moving to Kentucky and California.

In 2014 and 2015, Teespring raised $55 million in venture capital funds from many of the top funds in the country. The Brown start-up has been compared to an Uber and AirBNB type of company and is expected to do over $200 million in sales in 2015. All of this business momentum is great news for the Brown University - spinoff, but the bad news it will be growing and hiring in San Francisco and Kentucky and not Rhode Island.

Read the story here.


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