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NEW: Speaker Fox’s State House Office Raided by FBI, State Police

Friday, March 21, 2014


State Police Officer outside Gordon Fox's State House Office

The Office of Speaker of the House Gordon Fox was raided by the FBI and State Police and sealed off this morning.

"The state police are there, that's all I can comment and confirm. If there's a comment, it would come out of U.S. Attorney's office," State Police Superintendent Steven O'Donnell told GoLocalProv.

GoLocal reached Beth Cotter, a top policy staffer to Fox had not heard about the raid in the State House.

Larry Berman, the Speaker's Spokesperson has not responded to repeated calls.


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The statewide poll conducted by the Taubman Center for Public Policy at Brown University in October 2013 is the latest public opinion survey by the Ivy League institution.  

See how elected officials fared in Brown polls in years past BELOW.  

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Mayor Angel Taveras


October 2013: 63.9%

October 2012: 65.6%

December 2011: 51.7%

Prev Next

Treasurer Gina Raimondo


October 2013: 54.2%

October 2012: 58.7%

December 2011: 52%

Prev Next

Senator Jack Reed


October 2013: 51.6%

October 2012: 58.5%

December 2011: 46.4%

July 2010: 55.6%

December 2009: 56.3%

September 2008: 68%

September 2007: 61%

September 2006: 70%

September 2005: 65%

June 2004: 63%

September 2003: 62%

Prev Next

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse


October 2013: 39.4%

October 2012: 45.4%

December 2011: 33.6%

July 2010: 42.8%

December 2009: 43.7%

September 2008: 46.2%

September 2007: 41%

Prev Next

Rep. Jim Langevin


October 2013: 38.7%

October 2012: 41%

December 2011: 41.9%

July 2010: 54.6%

December 2009: 46%

September 2008: 51.2%

September 2007: 55%

September 2006: 56%

September 2005: 62%

June 2004: 56%

September 2003: 56%

Prev Next

AG Peter Kilmartin



October 2013: 35.6%

October 2012: 35.8%

December 2011: 34.5%

July 2010: 20.2%

Prev Next

Sec. of State Mollis


October 2013: 35.6%

October 2012: 28.6%

December 2011: 25.6%

July 2010: 32.6%

December 2009: 22.6%

September 2008: 24.1%

September 2007: 23%

Prev Next

Lt. Governor Roberts


October 2013: 32.9%

October 2012: 37.5%

December 2011: 32.8%

July 2010: 33.5%

December 2009: 22.4%

September 2008: 24%

September 2007: 37%

Prev Next

Rep. David Cicilline


October 2013: 26.6%

October 2012: 29.7%

December 2011: 24.3%

*July 2010: 40.3%

*December 2009: 40.8%

*September 2008: 46%

*September 2007: 64%

*September 2006: 58%

*September 2005: 60%

*June 2004: 61%

*September 2003: 67%

* As Mayor of Providence

Prev Next

Sen. President Paiva-Weed

October 2013: 23.5%

October 2012: 26.2%

December 2011: 24.1%

July 2010: 21.4%

December 2009: 19%


Prev Next

Governor Lincoln Chafee

October 2013: 23%

October 2012: 28.5%

December 2011: 27.4%

*September 2006: 51%

*September 2005: 54%

*June 2004: 56%

*September 2003: 50%

* As U.S. Senator

Prev Next

Speaker Fox


October 2013: 20.5%

October 2012: 18.3%

December 2011: 25.9%

July 2010: 20.2%


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38 Studios? Historic Tax Credits? Corso? Providence Economic Development? What money didn't he pay taxes on? Seems the IRS knows...

Comment #1 by David Allen on 2014 03 21

when you see the absolute disconnect of leadership with what is really going on in the state...the anti business legislation, etc

folks out there need to start voting for people that are going to do good for the state as a whole as opposed to just whatever they can get out of it. or there will be no state.

if they have goods on him, it might be interesting to see who he flips on to save his own skin.

Comment #2 by john paycheck on 2014 03 21

Gordy does not strike me as the kind of guy that would not fare well in prison. I agree JP, he is probably in the process of doing more flipping that a short order cook at IHOP on a Sunday morning. Unfortunately for him, most will likely be friends he flips on..!

Comment #3 by David Allen on 2014 03 21

The image is what you expect in RI, the top political leader getting chased done like a crook, speaks volumes on our political mix in this state of disaster.
Once again it points out the lack of ethics in our governing body. He will not be the first speaker to get cracked down on, it just shows that the scum rises to the top at the GA.
One in the GA should be allowed to partake in any business, contracts, direct or indirect that one can personally gain out of it. Our GA has one goal and that is to feather their own nests (at the cost of the taxpayer and the future generation of our kids).
Ethics the missing link in RI government, we have always been know for it, just like the little state with the strip joints and a lot of other not so glamorous things.
Let's sterilize the GA while we are at it.

Comment #4 by Gary Arnold on 2014 03 21

We need to elect people to the GA who are smart enough to know that the system needs to be fixed. The system needs:

(1) Transparency
(2) Senate and House Reps should come from districts that are the same shape and encompass the same groups of people.
(3) The members should be paid a decent salary.
(4) There should be fewer representatives, cut the governing body in half.
(5) There should be NO executive session, all discussion should be public.

If a candidate isn't concerned with changing the rules, and the system, then don't vote for them

Comment #5 by George Costanza on 2014 03 21

The truth is a wonderful thing, getting to it is a filthy business, especially for the boys in Federal blue. They'll put Foxy's turnips in a vise and squeese until the rats aren't afraid of his fading power any longer and the canarys start to tweet. Meanwhile, do we want those highly ethical and moral individuals, full of the "public interest", who are willing to step over the still warm body to get to the head of the line for riches and fame to be in charge? DO the comatose dumbocrat lever pullers even care so long as they "still know sumbody" up there when they need a license plate?

Comment #6 by G Godot on 2014 03 22

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