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NEW: RI Rally to Bring Back Our Girls at State House Tonight

Friday, May 09, 2014


The Nigerian community of Rhode Island, community leaders, lawmakers and residents from across the state and southeastern MA will rally to "Bring Back Our Girls" tonight at the Rhode Island State House, from 5 to 7 PM. 

The community rally declaring “bring back our girls” is to demand action for the nearly 300 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria to be rescued and reunited with their families. 

International Incident Drawing Attention

In a release sent from event organizers, the situation is desribed as follows:

"On April 15, 2014, more than 234 female students were kidnapped while in school in Nigeria. According to an April 30 BBC News article, the students “were about to sit their final year exam and so are mostly aged between 16 and 18.”

"It’s been close to a month and the kidnapped girls have not been rescued and reunited with their families. In the meantime, reports have emerged that continue to alarm community members there in Nigeria and all over the world, for instance: that the number of girls kidnapped was higher than previously thought and additional girls have been targeted by the terrorist group responsible for the attacks and abduction; that the government and military of Nigeria are acting too slowly on this matter; that the girls are being moved every few days and are at-risk for trafficking and forced marriages.  Like those in cities all over the world, RI community members are standing up to apply pressure: BRING BACK OUR GIRLS -- because everyone can and must play a role to get the kidnapped girls home."


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I certainly hope these girls get home safely.

People of Nigeria time to arm yourselves and take down the bad guys with extreme prejudice. Take your country and make it you want it to be.

Comment #1 by Wuggly Ump on 2014 05 10

Let your military degrade and things like THIS happen. This group of murdering Muzzie terrorists wouldn't last a HOUR against the IDF.

Comment #2 by G Godot on 2014 05 14

What's PATHETIC are the hords of America loathing lefty pacifists who want those girls returned by ANY means possible. Here, well trained non-pacifists with rifles (and you pacifists despise BOTH) are required.
GO light some more candles, at some point the infantry will have to handle this "cause".

Comment #3 by G Godot on 2014 05 14

And tha joke of a "president" has "deployed" a special "kid finder" drone. What it TAKES are some special ops guys who don't say PLEASE before they waste bad guys, and we must be VERY careful not to identify those bad guys too closely with ISLAM.

Comment #4 by G Godot on 2014 05 14

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