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Monday, February 03, 2014


General Treasurer Gina Raimondo

In response to the call from Mayor Angel Taveras gubernatorial campaign to have a $100K contribution from former Enron and Texas billionaire John Arnold returned, General Treasurer Gina Raimondo's camp has responded -- alleging Mayor Taveras broke his own pledge on accepting spending.  

Raimondo: Taveras Broke Pledges

Raimondo campaign manager Eric Hyers said the following in response to the call from the Taveras camp:

"We are calling Mayor Taveras and Clay Pell to agree to open and transparent negotiations in order to come to an agreement on an airtight People's Pledge that keeps all third-party money out of this race. Each campaign should agree that there is no reason for behind closed doors negotiations and join us in explaining what should be in the Pledge and inviting press to observe the negotiations.

We look forward to making a tough People's Pledge that keeps all third-party spending out of this race, and once we have an agreement, of course all outside money should be returned.

Seeing as how Mayor Taveras has already broken his pledge not to accept money from vendors that do business with the City of Providence, and now apparently has broken another pledge not to accept money from his employees, what guarantees do voters have that Mayor Taveras will treat this pledge better than his previous campaign finance pledges?"


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as the state goes down the tubes, we have another 10 months of this nonsense to listen to.

Comment #1 by john paycheck on 2014 02 03

You will have to forgive them, they can’t wait to represent us

Comment #2 by Johnny cakes on 2014 02 03

Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. That's all these Democratic gubernatorial candidates are doing. No big ideas to save this state. Just arguments over who can be more liberal with my money.

Comment #3 by Christopher Lee on 2014 02 03

Who is this Texas Billionaire and former Enron Trader John Arnold (remember Enron and how those folks scammed the public) and why is Gina the DINO (Democrat in name only) allowing him to Govern the state of Rhode Island? Doesn't she realize how Rhode Islanders view Republicans and Tea Party types especially those residing in states like Texas. Remember Rhode Island had the highest disapproval rate of Texan George W. Bush in the country. We sure as heck don't need no Texas sidewinder like Arnold telling us how to run the state.

Comment #4 by Jonathan Bainsworth on 2014 02 04

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