Providence Speed Cameras Defaced with Graffiti

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


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The new "portable camera units" deployed throughout school zones in Providence in January have almost all been defaced with graffiti. 

The Providence Police Department announced that the cameras were installed to provide increased public safety measures for both pedestrians and drivers.  

Now, like many public and private buildings, mailboxes -- and more -- throughout the city, they have been defaced with graffiti. 

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The PCU’s are currently operating on Mount Pleasant Avenue at Mount Pleasant High School, Thurbers Avenue between Eddy Street and Prairie Avenue, Charles Street between Silver Spring Street and Branch Avenue, Daniel Avenue between Harlam Street and Ethan Street and Peace Street between Elmwood Avenue and Bucklin Street.

On Monday, three of the cameras were defaced. One appeared to have been attempted to be cleaned up by the city, and one appeared to have no graffiti.

According to the city, the plan is to operate with a total of 15 cameras that will rotate throughout "problematic areas with traffic and speed concerns."

“Ultimately this is about keeping families safe, especially in areas with many children around,” said Mayor Jorge Elorza. “Tragedies can be prevented with innovative solutions and that's exactly what these cameras do.”

About the Cameras

According to the Providence Police, if a vehicle is determined by the PCU to be operating 10 or more miles over the speed limit, a violation will automatically be issued. The violation will then be reviewed by Providence Police Officers and Conduent, an outside partner who manages and maintains the cameras.  Once the violation is reviewed for accuracy and the information is verified, it is then mailed to the offender for payment. The first and each subsequent fine is $95.00. Visible signage has been placed in the areas where the cameras are stationed to alert drivers that the PCU’s are operating.

“Public safety is a priority for our neighborhoods and our children. This initiative will make our city safer and raise the quality of life for all,” said Councilman John J. Igliozzi, who helped sponsor this initiative in his role as Chair of Finance.


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