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NEW: Pawtucket Mayor Calls for Shared Services with Central Falls and East Providence

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Pawtucket Mayor Don Grebien has asked Governor Chafee to consider allowing Pawtucket, East Providence and Central Falls to share municipal services, GoLocalProv has learned.

In a letter sent to Chafee on April 2, Grebien suggested forming a panel to study the consolidation of city services between the three municipalities. He recommended that Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council executive director John Simmons be placed on the panel.

"As Central Falls, East Providence and other communities continue to struggle financially, and as we work to avoid that path for Pawtucket, we have an uncommon opportunity to explore ways we can work with other municipalities on innovative solutions such as shared services and the mutual economic benefits that approach may bring," Grebien wrote in the letter.

All three municipalities have made headlines over the last year for their deteriorating fiscal situations, most notably with Central Falls filing for bankruptcy last year. This year, Pawtucket and East Providence each needed cash advances from the state in order to make payroll.

"I firmly believe that the time to explore the economic promise of these possibilities is now. I would also appreciate the opportunity to work with other appropriate and neighboring municipalities beyond Central Falls, particularly the city of East Providence, to determine what mutual economic benefits shares services may bring on that wider basis."


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Don Grebien for Gov?

Comment #1 by Odd Job on 2012 04 12

Finally an elected official who is pushing for innovations instead of taxes.

That is what we need.

Comment #2 by Jeffrey deckman on 2012 04 12

A good idea that always seems to have trouble getting off the ground in this state,primarily because it would mean the loss of union jobs, cops, fire, shovel swingers, office workers. An uphill battle for sure. With police and fire contracts expiring soon in Pawtucket, the time is ripe to do SOMETHING to stave off financial collapse.

Comment #3 by David Beagle on 2012 04 12

Might sound good to some but as a taxpayer in Pawtucket I want nothing to do with CF. Our leaders are corrupt and out for themselves, the council voted themselves full time benefits while we are circling the drain!!! Grebien gave his friends raises and borrowed millions we cant afford to pay back. If they are going to do something like merging, then merge the whole area North Prov. East Prov. Lincoln, Cumberland, And have ONE council and Administrator. Save us Millions on useless politicians

Comment #4 by happy harry101 on 2012 04 12

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