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NEW: Patrick Kennedy in the Middle of Super Bowl Marijuana Fight

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Smart Approaches to Marijuana, an anti-marijuana legalization group co-founded by Patrick Kennedy is in the middle of a billboard battle with the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).

The MPP will launch two new billboards Thursday near MetLife stadium, where the Super Bowl will be played Sunday, in response to the anti-marijuana billboard posted Wednesday by the Former U.S. Rep.'s group.

See images of the MPP billboards here.

One of the new ads is a spoof of the SAM billboard. The original SAM billboard features a football player under the text, “Motivation, Perseverance, Determination,” and a marijuana leaf under the text, “None of the Above.” It also reads: “Marijuana kills your drive. Don’t lose in the game of life.” MPP’s spoof billboard features a shot of tequila under the text, “Overdose Deaths, Violent Crimes, Serious Injuries,” and a marijuana leaf under the text, “None of the Above.” It also reads: “Prohibiting adults from making the safer choice is NOT a smart approach.”

The second ad features a statement made by Kennedy during a recent TV appearance: “I agree with the president. ALCOHOL is more dangerous [than marijuana].”

“The folks working to keep marijuana illegal appear to have run out of compelling arguments,” said MPP Director of Communications Mason Tvert. “They are now just acknowledging that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and telling people they will be losers if they make the safer choice.

“If Mr. Kennedy is concerned about public health and safety, and he knows that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, why does he prefer adults drink?” Tvert said. “Our society recognizes that adults should have the right to consume alcohol responsibly. Prohibiting those same adults from using a less harmful substance is not a very smart approach to marijuana.”

MPP’s new digital billboards are scheduled to begin running at 12:01 a.m. ET on Friday. The spoof ad will be located on I-495 leading to the Lincoln Tunnel west of Routes 1 and 9 (billboard is facing east). The ad with Kennedy’s quote will be located on I-80 west of the turnpike and just east of River Street (billboard is facing east).

MPP made national headlines earlier this week when it launched a series of billboards surrounding MetLife Stadium that highlight the relative safety of marijuana compared to alcohol and playing professional football.


Related Slideshow: Marijuana Use in the New England States

According to data collected by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, New Englanders are among the nation's top marijuana users in the country.  See how the indivdual states compare in the slides below:

Prev Next

6. Maine

Percent of respondents who used marijuana in the past year: 12.45%

National Rank: 13th most

Possession Laws: Decriminalized (2.5 ounces or less)

Prev Next

5. Connecticut

Percent of respondents who used marijuana in the past year: 12.50%

National Rank: 12th most

Possession Laws: Decriminalized (less than 0.5 ounce)

Prev Next

4. Massachusetts

Percent of respondents who used marijuana in the past year: 14.19%

National Rank: 5th most

Possession Laws: Decriminalized (1.0 ounce or less)

Prev Next

3. New Hampshire

Percent of respondents who used marijuana in the past year: 14.60%

National Rank: 4th most

Possession Laws: Medical Use Only

Prev Next

2. Rhode Island

Percent of respondents who used marijuana in the past year: 14.85%

National Rank: 3rd most

Possession Laws: Decriminalized (1.0 ounce or less)

Prev Next

1. Vermont

Percent of respondents who used marijuana in the past year: 14.90%

National Rank: 2nd most

Possession Laws: Decriminalized (1.0 ounce or less)


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I have never been so excited to have Patrick Kennedy out of office! He really showed his lack of intelligence in this interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykQXT0AeqZE

Comment #1 by Jack Gibson on 2014 01 30

I am thankful many days that this fool no longer represents the (once) great state of RI. His intellectual drive was never in any gear. Why were we so foolish as to keep electing this fool?

Comment #2 by sasc voter on 2014 01 30

Seldom have I agreed with Patrick but I have to give him credit in this case. I give him credit for publicly attesting to the problems associated with marijuana use and being willing to take a stand against this very disturbing trend.

The ongoing push to legalize marijuana should concern all rational thinking adults. One of the primary reasons for concern is that the intent of everyone smoking pot is to get high. That is not the case for the majority of people who drink alcohol.
Another is that just about everyone involved in the treatment of substance abuse readily acknowledge that marijuana is the gateway drug for most addicts. This is not to mitigate the negative effects alcohol abuse has in our society.

The ultimate question is why so many people feel the need to be medicated? This is a question that needs to be addressed as more and more people opt to live in a catatonic state and not deal with the challenges of life.

Legalizing yet another drug does nothing to improve society, absolutely nothing. What it will do is create yet another layer of social problems for those of us who do not need to be intoxicated to deal with.

Comment #3 by Walter Miller on 2014 01 30

That marijuana is a "gateway drug" is not only far from a consensus, but its flat out rejected by most experts.

Comment #4 by John Lynch on 2014 01 31

Personal responsibility. Prohibition doesn't work, ever. People will still get what they want.

Big Brother should not be involved in what a person puts in their body, either banning it or mandating it. It doesn't matter if it's alcohol, pot, cocaine, fast food or vaccines.

Back to personal responsibility, if you do something to interfere with with someone else's rights while messed up you are responsible, and society must hold you to making that person whole.

Comment #5 by Wuggly Ump on 2014 01 31

@John Lynch:
There are a multitude of respected medical experts, as well as substance abuse counselors, who would vehemently disagree. There is ample research both here in the US and Europe that clearly supports the assertion that most drug addicts began with marijuana. That it isn't a gateway drug is totally wishful thinking of drug proponents such as yourself.

@Wuggly Gump:
In a perfect world you may be right. However, when society is called upon to deal (i.e. medical treatment, social services, incarceration) with the results of what people put in their body (drugs, alcohol, fast food, etc.) then society has an absolute right to be involved.
As I posited previously, please explain how indulging in drugs benefits society in any way!

This "leave us alone and let us do what we want stuff" is all kumbaya until it affects your health, family, work, society at large (crime).
You honestly don't believe that all of that "personal freedom " comes without a cost to others! If so, there's some great land in Florida for sale.

Comment #6 by Walter Miller on 2014 01 31

@ Walter Miller
Your qualifier of "when society.......involved" I agree. If society is called upon to provide services for a person that has proven they can't take responsibility, they must forfeit their rights. As I have commented on other articles, if you are on welfare, testing will be mandatory and you will be tested for all vises, including fast food.

Personal freedom doesn't cost anyone else anything, it is the abuse of those freedoms that cost others and society.

The Founders created this government to protect those freedoms, and protect citizens from those that abuse their freedoms. Politicians and bureaucrats have perverted it to what we have now. Everyone has a right to (fill in the blank). No, not if you're asking someone else to pay for your irresponsibility.

And yes, in a perfect world I would be right. Shouldn't that be what we're aiming for?

Comment #7 by Wuggly Ump on 2014 01 31

Walter Miller -

Spot on. Agree. Thank you. Your factual statements clearly hit a nerve, as the pro-pharmakoiea minions overreacted in usual manner with their overblown, nonsensical, and always antagonistic sloganeering.

Marijuana is the gateway drug, and it's a much more interesting potion today than it was during the era of the parents and grandparents of present-day druggies.

One can drink in moderation without clouding one's senses. That is not the case with marijuana or any other drug. The whole point is to put oneself into some sort of alternate reality. It's been obvious to anyone for decades by the invisible albeit impenetrable curtain which drops around drug users.

Let them put forth their meaningless arguments, rife with aggression, condescension, and the bravado of those who know they're standing on ideological melting ice.

It's no surprise that soros wants all drugs legalized for his 'Open Society' which will also feature complete citizen disarmament.

A drugged-out, narcoticized, disarmed, defenseless and mocus populace is much easier to control, subjugate, and eliminate.

Comment #8 by paul zecchino on 2014 02 01

Kudos to Patrick Kennedy for courageously stating the truth.

Comment #9 by paul zecchino on 2014 02 01

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