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NEW: NAACP President Jim Vincent Calls Protest Allegations “False and Defamatory”

Friday, May 26, 2017


NAACP Providence Branch President Jim Vincent

NAACP Providence Branch President Jim Vincent responded to allegations brought against him by members of the NAACP, issuing the following statement Friday afternoon.

Vincent's Statement

"The NAACP Providence Branch is aware of recent allegations which certain members of the public have levied against the branch and its leadership via a protest on social media and other news media outlets.  These allegations are false, defamatory and unsubstantiated. The NAACP has a well-established system for handling complaints and encourages all members to make a formal or informal complaint to resolve any concerns.

The NAACP New England Area Conference (NEAC), and the national NAACP take these accusations very seriously, and have collectively begun review of the matter through an internal dispute resolution process. The slanderous assertions are not only damaging to the esteemed reputation and legacy of the NAACP, but also to the community that it serves. Peaceful protest is occasionally an NAACP tactical approach to address an issue after discussion and other reasonable approaches fail to resolve legitimate issues. Regardless of the present state of affairs, the NAACP has been and will continue to be a consistent voice against racism, bigotry and intolerance and shall continue to fight for justice and equity." 

Jim Vincent
President of the NAACP Providence Branch


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