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NEW: Julie Tremmel Out at WJAR 10

Friday, February 14, 2014


Tremmel, seen here in "bear attack" video.

Internet sensation and local TV reporter Julie Tremmel has been fired by WJAR-10. The offbeat reporter who delivered huge pageviews for a sweeping array of websites with her infamous tips to viewers if they are attacked by a bear is now no longer a part of the NBC News Team – “the team you can trust.”

Tremmel’s bear video went viral across the US and was featured on HuffPost, ABCNews and GoLocal sites. The video raised questions even within the Channel 10 news organization when longstanding investigative reporter Jim Taricani called the bear video an embarrassment to the station in a post to Facebook.

Watch Tremmel's bear video remixed to "Blurred Lines" HERE

Tremmel made news again when she started to perform on camera to demonstrate her own talents when doing a report on a NBC reality TV show visiting the market.

According to employees of the news department, the Tremmel performances proved too much. WJAR has been one of the most respected local affliates of any network station in the United States. It had been the training and launching pad for the careers of Meredith Vieira, Matt Lauer and many other top level network journalists.

Tremmel posted to her Facebook page on Wednesday night, “THANK YOU to the 100+ people who have inboxed me with your heartfelt support. You each give me so much hope.”

Repeated efforts to reach News Director Chris Lanni. The Tremmel episodes are just two of the latest hits to the station. Recently, political reporter Bill Rappeleye was caught on live mic during a taping of Political Notebook speculating about politicians' sexuality.  


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Wow. Big media shake up. This is such a Mickey Mouse site.

Comment #1 by Edward Smith on 2014 02 13

I think Julie made ole Jim Taricani's ticker, tick a bit too fast.

Comment #2 by David Beagle on 2014 02 13

Jim Taricani lost all credibility when he had secret nformation that was released to him even after a judge had issued a gag order. In his ddefense, he said he felt the people of Rhode Island had a right to know about the information.......the only problem with that defense is that Taricani HELD THE INFORMATION FOR NINE MONTHS......UNTIL SWEEPS WEEK.......so was it important for the people to know.....or was it important for the station to win the sweeps week.....you decide

Comment #3 by william surrette on 2014 02 14

Sorry Jim.....seems you have lost the attention thus the need to get it back...by the way, you know this award you got and all that bs...was it less an issue of protecting sources and more an issue of feeling threatened if you did by your mafia connections?

Comment #4 by Ed saul on 2014 02 14

I liked her work on the Bear story. It made me pay attention to channel 10 for a few minutes...which is hard to do.

Comment #5 by Katy Sloop on 2014 02 14

I'm still upset with 10 for dumping Joe Rocco.

Comment #6 by Winston Smith on 2014 02 14

I find it disgusting that anyone, this day in age, could stick up for the lack of journalistic un professionalism that Julie put forth. It only furthers my convections that we are a growing population of media consumers who choose a digital source of information instead of finding it from your local " anchor". Jim Taricani has been a RI staple for over 30 years. That man is, the end all, and be all, of journalistic integrity. The days of a reputable journalist on television are gone. And that is why I look to golocal for my daily source of information!

Comment #7 by brent estepa on 2014 02 14

@william you are a moron. I love how anyone with a computer now can have a voice. You seem like a real savant.

Comment #8 by brent estepa on 2014 02 14

Good, what a joke she's become.

Comment #9 by Odd Job on 2014 02 14

Sign the petition to get her back on NBC!!


Comment #10 by Monica Shepard on 2014 02 14

Maybe she can catch on in the "Global Warming Terror" department at "NPR" which mamaged, for eample, to report on the conviction of Ray Nagin, former MAYOR of the "Big Easy" for taking bribes WITHOUT once mentioning he was a DEMOCRAT. Now, if he had been a Republican........

Comment #11 by G Godot on 2014 02 15

Granted her style of reporting probably wouldn't qualify for an Edward R.Murrow award but at least she's got 'spunk'. But as a former loyal WJAR/NBC10/ viewer their real problems lie with the technical backroom problems, i.e, videos that fail to run, mismatched captions, audio glitches, etc. Just a week ago Frank Coletta sat with arms folded in digust after the screen went blank for 3-4 minutes during a Today show segment. If not for Patrice Wood, I would completely give up on this station and more often find myself tuning to WPRI. For many years, WJAR was the clear frontrunner but after they were sold and laid off many the station is unwatchable.

Comment #12 by Rufus Mikatis on 2014 02 20


Comment #13 by Robert Moore on 2014 02 21

Commenting is not available in this channel entry.