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NEW: Gemma’s Former Field Director Endorses Congressman Cicilline

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The former field director for Democratic Congressional candidate Anthony Gemma today endorsed incumbent David Cicilline in the race to represent Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional candidate.

In a wide-ranging interview with GoLocalTV, Joseph Lazzerini said he left the campaign because he felt Gemma’s political strategy was “tactically and morally wrong.” Lazzerini said he intends to attend a fundraiser for Cicilline on Friday evening.

The winner of the Sept. 11 primary will run against Republican Brendan Doherty in the general election.

Lazzerini’s endorsement comes a day after a Gemma campaign volunteer took to Twitter to compare Cicilline to convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky. Gemma later disavowed the comment and the volunteer, Anthony Sionni, resigned.

Lazzerini resigned from the campaign in early August and is now working as the field organizing director for the Rhode Island Federation of Teachers. He said he is focusing on General Assembly races.



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jon paycheck

there all nuts...

Edward Smith

Mr. Paycheck, you don't know the half of it. A pattern has emerged.

Charles Drago, Anthony Sionni, Elvira Alonzo, Erminia Garcia, Mr. and Mrs. Acevedo, Wilbur Jennings, Ernesto Fadul and the icing on the cake... Laura Perez.

Wait! I thought all these people were hiding up in an attic with weapons?

Watch the mail ballot video and listen as Capucilli rifles through the documents. Upon encountering Laura Perez' name he lets out a sigh and says, "Laura Perez, Va Fangul!"

Todd B

Former Cicilline supporters backing Gemma, former Gemma staffers backing Cicilline. Neither Cicilline nor Gemma seem to generate much loyalty or respect...but they seem to be flypaper for hacks and hanger-ons. Or maybe they're just ALL crazy.

Doherty should change his campaign slogan to "Vote Doherty: He's Sane."

anthony sionni

Doesn't anyone have any loyalty anymore,you take a job with gemma who is running against cicilline then you quit and go support cicilline lol

Did you have an epiphany ! lol

Ri Guy

Does Gemma have "smell good" staffers, like his "Smell Good Plumners?"

He should have hired "Think Good" staffers.

Ri Guy

Plumbers <typo above>

robert phellps

Gemma...quit, fired, resign..do you see a pattern here?

marylou sexton

Does anyone really care what two twerps like Sionni and Lazzerini do,say,or think?

Regarding both: the observation- 'consider the source ' applies.

anthony sionni

I think they do,I was on the 6pm news for a tweet

marylou sexton

Makes one wonder if they just wanted an excuse to use Cicilline and pedophile in the same sentence.

Ditti for golocalprov.

Letting the comment lay on Twitter would have reached how many as compared to reporting it on network news.

marylou sexton

I meant Ditto.

Bernie McCrink

I don't suppose the face he was getting demoted by the campaign was a factor then?

Blais Hazelwood

Someone tell Gemma the 50k he paid for professional detectives won't win him this election. On the flip side had he paid 50k for real campaign pro's he would have been the next district 1 Rep in Congress. I guess when he tells people his hatred for Chickachini is personal he really means it. He obviously doesn't really care about winning this election only burying Chickachini. Doherty, sit back, relax and crusie your way to victory! I love it...

Jayme Phelps

The kid was smart for leaving when he did. He will be able to salvage his reputation!

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