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slides: New England Meteorologists’ Blizzard Forecasts—Who Will Be Right?

Saturday, February 09, 2013


The monster winter storm barreling through New England is sure to bring major amounts of snow to the region, but just how much snowfall should you expect?

GoLocal rounded up predictions from top meteorologists in Providence and Boston, ranging from a foot and a half to nearly three feet. Who was right? We'll find out tomorrow morning.


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John Ghiorse

GoLocal Meteorologist

18-24 inches, up to 30

Ghiorse said the winter storm is likely to drop 18 to 24 inches across most of the region with a few isolated spots nearer the 30-inch mark, but he noted that drifting caused by the high winds that are expected to accompany the snowfall will make measurement very difficult.

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Pete Bouchard

WHDH Chief Meteorologist, NBC Boston

16 to 24 inches

Bouchard said in his forecast that 16 to 24 inches is the range for snow accumulations in Boston and the majority of the region, adding that "24 is a good number to live by."

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Melissa Mack

WBZ Meteorologist, CBS Boston

18 to 24 inches

In her forecast, Mack said the main part of the winter storm will dump 18 to 24 inches on Southern New England. She also siad that many areas could receive over 30 inches of snow.
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Harvey Leonard

WCVB Chief Meteorologist, ABC Boston

18 to 24 inches

Leonard also forecast 18 to 24 inches for the majority of the region, with some higher pockets depending on where the heaviest bands of the storm end up coming through, potentially along the South Shore or along the I-95 corridor.
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Kevin Lemanowicz

WFXT Meteorologist, FOX25 Boston

18 to 24 inches

Lemanowicz said 18 to 24 inches of snow would be a safe bet for much of the Bay State, and two feet of snow would be likely in many places.

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Kelly Bates

WJAR Meteorologist, NBC Providence

16 to 28 inches

Bates estimated 16 to 28 inches for areas inland from the coast and said that up to 32 inches are possible in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.
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Steve Cascione

WLNE Meteorologist, ABC Providence/New Bedford

24 to 30 inches

Cascione forecasted 24 to 30 inches for areas away from the coast including the city of Providence and surrounding areas.

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Pete Mangione

and Michelle Muscatello, WPRI Meteorologists, CBS Providence

24 to 30 inches

Mangione and Muscatello expected snowfall totals close to two feet and possibly up to 30 inches for Providence and points north.

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