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NEW: Doherty Blasts Cicilline Following Apology

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


A day after Congressman David Cicilline apologized for saying Providence was in “excellent financial condition” during his 2010 campaign, Republican Congressional candidate Brendan Doherty ripped the former Providence Mayor for not being honest about the capital city’s finances.

“David Cicilline’s responsibility for the fiscal crisis in Providence and his active concealment of the crisis reach far beyond a single statement,” Doherty said. “Rating agencies are downgrading the City’s bond rating and the residents of Providence are facing a credible threat of bankruptcy. Despite his continued assertions that the fiscal crisis in Providence was beyond his control, David Cicilline’s deception and mismanagement contributed to this crisis and the consequences are real for municipal employees, especially every teacher in the City who received a termination notice last year and for the resident who face tremendous new tax burdens.”

Doherty claims Cicilline was simply doing and saying whatever it took to get elected.

“David Cicilline let the cat out of the bag with his statement about avoiding tax increases during an election year,” Doherty said. “This statement exposes the Cicilline approach to fiscal management – which is just get elected. His strategy in 2010 was consistent with his eight years as Mayor, when property taxes went up every year except 2006, which was an election year, of course,” Doherty continued.


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