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NEW: Dems Blast Doherty Over Support for Paul Ryan

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


The state Democratic Party is taking Republican congressional candidate Brendan Doherty to task for his support for House Budget chairman Paul Ryan’s plan for cutting Medicare benefits.

“Paul Ryan may not be a household name to everyone in Rhode Island, but if you’re a senior citizen who relies on Medicare, you should know who he is and what he stands for, because these are the types of Republicans Brendan will be standing with and voting with, if elected to Congress,” said Bill Fischer, spokesperson for the RI Democratic Party.

Doherty has long said he does not want to cut Medicare, but the Democrats question his credibility.

“Doherty continues to brand himself as a bipartisan candidate in this race and his attempts become less credible each day,” Fischer said. “But make no mistake, Mr. Doherty supports Congressman Ryan, he supports Speaker Boehner and he’ll be voting against the needs of Rhode Island’s senior citizens and middle class if elected to Congress. Furthermore, Mr. Doherty has gladly accepted $5,000 in campaign contributions from Mr. Ryan’s Prosperity PAC, further proof that Rhode Island’s seniors cannot trust Brendan Doherty to protect Medicare.”


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blahblahblah same old scare tactics from the bunch of donkey's with nothing real to attack Doherty with. Funny how they ignore the effects obamacare has on Medicare

Comment #1 by don almonte on 2012 08 01

Perhaps Bill Fischer should examine what is known as Obamacare and the now projected $750 Billion in cuts over the next 10 years. This will negatively affect our seniors and in particular their medicare advantage programs. This is right out of the David Cicilline playbook. Lie to, and scare the senior citizens! Bill Fischer is clearly David (lies) Cicilline's mouthpiece.

Comment #2 by guy smily on 2012 08 01

What are the Dems talking about? The scare tactics on flushing Medicare is not going to happen for those in the program stop with the false statements. Paul Ryan will be the Dem's worst nightmare and that is why we are hearing the wailing from the Dems. Just look at RI and ask yourself are we better off than we were 4 years ago, 10 years ago, ever? You can thank your UNIONIZED Democratic party of thieves for our wonderful view of the ocean as the state goes into a sink hole.
Hopefully the country will give us a chance by electing a Republican president that will lead this country as a unified productive new generation that will compete in the global markets and build our country back to its leadership position in the world. This will only help RI as the citizens that are still here will see prosperity in other states and finally want to make the necessary changes to have a positive change in the state of RI.
And speaking of positve change, Doherty will be just that.

Comment #3 by Gary Arnold on 2012 08 02

"Doherty has long said he does not want to cut Medicare, but the Democrats question his credibility."

The Democrats question his credibility? Hey Cicilline, did you really "leave the City of Providence in great financial shape."

Comment #4 by David Allen on 2012 08 02

Seems like Bill Fischer will be as polarizing as that other extremely partisan, viscious, has-been Billy Lynch.

Scare, demean, and lie...the RI Democratic Playbook in action.

Comment #5 by David Allen on 2012 08 02

Big mistake for Doherty if he embraces right wing Ryan.

Comment #6 by Jason Demers on 2012 08 12

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