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NEW: Congressman Cicilline Pushes For Full Amtrak Funds

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Congressmen David Cicilline has joined several members of Congress representing districts in the Northeast region in writing to U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to urge that he take immediate action to ensure disbursement of all funds currently committed to the Amtrak Northeast Corridor.

Earlier this year, Secretary LaHood reprogrammed $472 million from other rail projects to badly-needed infrastructure improvement projects along the Northeast Corridor, which is the most heavily traveled rail line in the United States. Recent legislative efforts have sought to redirect the unobligated portion of these funds away from the critical improvements along this corridor to other projects.

“Infrastructure improvements to the Northeast Corridor take on new urgency as it is an investment in job and economic opportunities for our region that will help reduce energy consumption and generate sustained economic activity,” said Cicilline. “Our transportation infrastructure has pressing needs. In particular, we need to improve the efficiency of our transportation network. As the nation’s most densely populated transportation corridor, the Northeast Corridor has a well-established passenger rail infrastructure. However, the infrastructure to support that transportation is dated and overburdened. We can put people back to work right now making these repairs in jobs that cannot be outsourced. ”

“The Northeast Corridor, which runs through Philadelphia and Bucks County, is a critical component of our region’s infrastructure and economy,” said Pennsylvania Congressman Fitzpatrick. “A modern and efficient rail system will help our economy grow and residents prosper by closing the distance between some of America’s most important commercial centers. What’s more, the construction of the physical improvements to the corridor will help put many people back to work.”


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More empty rhetoric and futile gestures by the impotent, incompetent, disingenuous David Cicilline. His onanistic pattern of pursuing sound bytes and photo ops rather than real solutions to the grave problems facing our state continues with this Amtrak kabuki. But first, context:

On Friday, July, 8 the Providence Journal published an article which began, “Antiwar Democrats attempted, with little success Thursday, to stop paying for various aspects of the U.S. campaign in Afghanistan, losing a series of amendments to the $649-billion Pentagon spending bill for next year.”

It went on to note that, “Rep. David N. Cicilline, for example, offered an amendment to kill the $475-million fund to help Afghanistan repair and build up its infrastructure. The Rhode Island Democrat’s measure failed on a vote of 145 to 282.”

The Journal added, “Cicilline offered one of several [similar] amendments, including a more modest cut in spending for electricity and other public works projects in Afghanistan. That amendment also failed[.]”

What with the article’s focus on Cicilline’s failures, one would expect a headline consistent with that theme. Instead, the Journal editors exercised their mandate to support this terrible little man at all costs with the following banner worthy of Jo-Jo Goebbels Ministry of Propaganda:

“Cicilline tries to reduce war budget.”

The honest headline would have been, “Cicilline fails to reduce war budget.”

Not “tries.”

But as is the case with the liar whom it champions, when it comes to David Cicilline, the Providence Journal is incapable of honesty.

Already David Cicilline’s enablers – the likes of State Democratic Party Chairman Ed Pacheco and House Speaker Gordon Fox – are giving away the game by spouting campaign spin when they boast, “Congressman Cicilline introduced legislation to end the wars and create jobs, but the Republicans wouldn’t go along.”

So I ask them and their hideous master: Name one member of America’s armed forces who has come home early and safe because of David Cicilline’s efforts. JUST ONE!

Name one job – other than scam, in some cases probably illegal congressional staff jobs that in fact are campaign positions being paid for by taxpayers – created because of David Cicilline’s efforts. JUST ONE!

And now it is AMTRAK service that will be the beneficiary of David Cicilline’s incompetence and perfidy.

Know this: If the AMTRAK legislation moves forward, it will be IN SPITE OF David Cicilline.

And come September, 2011, remember.

Comment #1 by Charles Drago on 2011 08 19

It seems like you could create more jobs if you brought back the civilian conservation core for a few years. The tax payer woyld accualy see a return on the money they spent. No pension or union jusy jobs and work so the state improves and people can do work they are proud of. Fix up the bay, build shipping docks, improve state and local parks. Anything that needs to be done that the union intrenched state and town workers wont get done with out it taking years and then fall apart cause none of them care. The CCC was a great program and alot or the projects are still around today even if they are a little rough. No union, no pension just work that workers can be proud of.

Comment #2 by Chris Digman on 2011 08 19


In terms of identifying existing -- and creating new -- jobs programs, an honest, competent congressman would be limited only by his or her imagination.

But David Cicilline, being neither honest nor competent, decided to introduce jobs legislation that HE KNEW WOULD FAIL. Why? So that for the 2012 election, he will be able to boast that he has been "working hard" by "introducing legislation" for jobs, etc.


Then Cicilline will claim that "the Republicans" are responsible.

So let's review: Instead of "working hard" -- or at all -- for us, David Cicilline is wasting our money by working for himself.

And don't forget: As he did in Providence over and over again after he failed at public policy over and over again, David Cicilline will blame someone else for his failures.

Legislation of the sort introduced by Cicilline carries symbolic value -- but ZERO practical value. His was not an either/or choice; Cicilline could have gone the legislative route AND worked on viable alternatives.

Then again, if my late aunt had testes she could have used the men's room.

David Cicilline cannot help us because he is devoted to helping no one but himself.

Enough is enough!

Comment #3 by Charles Drago on 2011 08 19

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