NEW: City of Providence Unveils Locations of 15 Speed Cameras to be Activated Sept. 4

Thursday, August 16, 2018


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City of Providence announces the location of 15 speed cameras

The City of Providence announced the locations of 15 traffic cameras which will be operational in school zones throughout the City starting on September 4.

According to the city, increased signage will be placed in areas where speed limit laws will be photo enforced.

GoLocalProv first reported that additional traffic cameras were coming to Providence on Saturday. 

The traffic camera program launched at the beginning of 2018 has been widely criticized. The program triggered a federal class-action lawsuit and the General Assembly to reform the enabling statute. The program was rolled out by Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza and Council President David Salvatore.

The state statutory changes this year by the RI General Assembly drops the amount which can be fined for a first violation from $95 to $50.

“Everyone wants to protect our children, family members and pedestrians from flagrant speeders in school zones. Although well-intentioned, the initial speed camera act was implemented inappropriately and it led to confusion and outrage from the public, especially concerning the unexpected and high-cost violation fines. 

This amendment will continue to protect everyone around school zones while also providing the proper notice and fairer violation fines for motorists,” said Representative Robert Craven during an interview on GoLocal LIVE.

Locations for cameras are as follows: 

  • 50 Laurel Hill Avenue (Achievement First Mayoral Academy)
  • 1547 Chalkstone Avenue (Pleasant View Elementary School)
  • 150 Depasquale Avenue (Carl Lauro Elementary)
  • 55 Gordon Avenue- Potters Avenue side (Bailey Elementary)
  • Across from 114 Olney Street (Hope High School)
  • 180 Sterling Avenue (Webster Avenue Elementary)
  • Branch Avenue-Northside East of Burleigh Street (E-cubed Academy)
  • 320 Public Street (MET School)
  • 515 Mount Pleasant Avenue (Mount Pleasant High School)
  • 179 Thurbers Avenue (Roger Williams Middle School)
  • 417 Charles Street (Esek Hopkins Middle School)
  • 307 Elmgrove Avenue (Nathan Bishop Middle School)
  • 301 Butler Avenue (Lincoln School)
  • 773 Chalkstone Avenue (Nathaniel Greene Middle School)
  • 812 Douglas Avenue (Veazie Street School) 


Speed Cameras

The speed cameras started being used in January of 2018, starting with five locations and increasing to ten in March of 2018.

According to the city, cameras are rotated based on the number of violations that are issued and placed in areas with problematic traffic and speed concerns.

Cameras are operational on all school days, Monday through Friday and will be enforcing the speed limit from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting on September 4.

Warnings will be issued to violators for the first 30 school days, beginning on September 4th and fines will begin being issued on October 23.

If a vehicle is determined by the cameras to be operating 11MPH or more over the speed limit, a violation will automatically be issued. The violation will then be reviewed by Providence Police Officers and Conduent, an outside vendor who manages and maintains the cameras.

Once the violation is reviewed for accuracy and the information is verified, it is then mailed to the offender for payment. 


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Photo credits: Anthony Sionni

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