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NEW: Cicilline, Gemma Praise Obama’s Proposal to Extend Bush Tax Cuts

Monday, July 09, 2012


Congressman David Cicilline and Congressional candidate Anthony Gemma today emphasized their support for President Obama’s proposal to extend the Bush tax cuts for those making under $250,000.

“Middle class families in Rhode Island deserve the certainty of knowing that their taxes won’t go up at the end of this year,” said Cicilline, who represents Rhode Island’s First Congressional District. “The President is showing leadership on an issue that is critically important to millions of families, and I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to join him in supporting a proposal that will provide relief for 98% of all Americans.”

In Congress, Cicilline has continually emphasized the importance of protecting middle class Rhode Islanders from a tax hike during these incredibly challenging economic times. During debate on federal budget proposals earlier this year, Cicilline supported a Democratic measure offered by Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) that would have extended the Bush tax cuts for families making less than $250,000.

“We all agree that Congress needs to do the hard work necessary to overhaul our tax code, paying particular attention to the impact expiring tax cuts will have on our small businesses,” added Cicilline. “While we engage in that work, it is imperative that Congress act on the President’s proposal and ensure middle class families in Rhode Island are protected from a tax increase.”

Obama announced his proposal at a White House press conference earlier today. House and Senate Republican leaders have already voiced opposition to the proposal.

Gemma, who has stated he supports sunsetting the majority of the Bush tax cuts, agreed with Cicilline.

"I applaud President Obama for fighting for tax relief for everyday Americans," Gemma said. "Yet while restoring the Clinton-era tax rates for those making 250,000 dollars per year is a good start, we must ask more of Congress."

Gemma continued: "An unfair burden remains for the middle and working classes. We must reduce the tax burden on individuals making less than 100,000 dollars per year, and we must restore Clinton-era rates for those making over 100,000 dollars per year. We must close loopholes for the wealthiest of individuals and simplify the tax code. In so doing, the American economy will become more competitive globally and more fair domestically."


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Uh, what planet is Gemma from? For people making more than $100,000? That's not a ton of money Anthony. And how does that make us more competitive globally? Seriously, how?

This guy is trying to outflank Cicilline on the left -but they don't want him. First he flip flops on abortion and now this? Wow

Comment #1 by Dan Wilson on 2012 07 09

Oh my, they really must be desperate. Until recently, the same pile blamed 'evil Bush Tax Cuts' for War in the Crimea, the Sacking of Rome, and even causing King Xenon of Armenia to shell Constantinople!

And now they say tax cuts are good? What next? They'll endorse nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity? Roll back property rights restrictions? Vacate the Kelo Decision?

Grab the popcorn and pull up a comfy chair. This is quickly turning to farce.

Paul Vincent Zecchino
Manasota Key, Florida
09 July, 2012

Comment #2 by paul zecchino on 2012 07 10

Why is Gemma still running? With no support, no endorsements, and no fundraising, he's only helping out his GOP buddies by staying in the race now.

Turn out the lights...the party's over...

Comment #3 by Oberon Sexton on 2012 07 10

Gemma is on planet reality. I am happy to see a candidate I can vote for because David and Brendan are out of the question!

Comment #4 by John Locke on 2012 07 10

At what point does point does GoLocals support of Cicilline become a reportable, in-kind campaign contribution? Twice a week since last May he has received campaign support from GoLocal - reported anywhere?

Comment #5 by David Allen on 2012 07 10

Planet reality?! John Locke, given that you're namesake advocated for free property rights, explain to me how raising taxes on people (and businesses) making more than 100K makes America more globally competitive. Maybe I'm just not understanding economics, but I methinks Gemma is a panderer, not a policymaker.

Comment #6 by Dan Wilson on 2012 07 10

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