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NEW: Chafee Announces Caruolo As Chairman of RI Board of Education

Thursday, November 15, 2012


George Caruolo has been named by Rhode Island Governor Linc Chafee as his choice for Chairman of the RI Board of Education.

Governor Lincoln Chafee has announced his attention to appoint George Caruolo as Chairman of the Rhode Island Board of Education, pending confirmation by the Rhode Island Senate.

In an official statement, Governor Chafee said:

"During his time as a state representative, George earned a reputation as an active participant in our state’s efforts to improve public education. More recently, I have witnessed first-hand George’s energy, knowledge, and experience as a member of the Board of Regents. He is a tireless advocate for our state’s students. George’s four children went through the Rhode Island public school system, and he is committed to joining me in working to make Rhode Island’s schools, colleges, and universities the finest in the nation.

The consolidation of the Boards of Regents and Governors, passed by the legislature in June, affects an extraordinarily important sector of Rhode Island – our education system. A great deal of work needs to be done before the reconstituted Board is up and running well.

In my twenty years of public service, I have always given a priority to public education. Most recently, that has been evident through increases in the budget for elementary, secondary, and higher education.

With this in mind, it is my hope that this redesigned Board will have enhanced ability for greater planning, coordination, and resource allocation from kindergarten to higher education. This will produce benefits for our students, our economy, and all Rhode Islanders."


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Russ Hryzan

This guy sponsored and pushed for the law that allows teachers unions to extort money from taxpayers by allowing school boards to sue cities when they can't keep their out-of-control labor costs under control. Nothing but a union-owned thug that's helping to bankrupt every city and town in Rhode Island. Chafee is continuing to prove how much of a disgrace he is to the governor's office by appointing sell-outs like this guy.

Gov- stench

The "Caruolo Act" was the single most devisive piece of legislation ever passed in the legislature. It gave so much power to the public unions that it literally ripped municipalities apart by suing itselves. Obviously, this guy panders to the public unions which is where he derives most of his power. The other outrageous decision to enable illegals to get a in-state rate college education is an affront to the law abiding citizens of this state.
This guy is the face of corruption in this state and has been an insider for decades. As long as this insider stuff continues, things will remain the same - failure of public education in this state has been the direct result of lawyers in the state house over-regulating the process. The bar has been lowered and dropout rates have been increasing. This is not working and these people simply will not listen.

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