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NEW: Central Falls Gets $10M Loan from Bill and Melinda Gates

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


The Central Falls School District announced yesterday it had received a $10 million loan from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

One of Rhode Island’s most cash-strapped communities is getting a little help for its school system

Central Falls announced yesterday that it has received a $10 million low-cost loan from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help pay for an increase in the number of seats in five of the district’s high-performing charter schools.

The money, which will be used to provide low and no-interest loans, may ultimately lead to a number of other loans for projects at anywhere from five to seven schools.

Central Falls Mayor James Diossa said the news was welcomed by the struggling city.


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Yes, more charter schools. Slay the union beast from the inside.

Comment #1 by Odd Job on 2013 03 06

$64,000 question, how does Central Falls plan to pay back the loan?

Comment #2 by David Beagle on 2013 03 06

Still waiting for someone to answer David Beagle's question.

Comment #3 by tom brady on 2013 03 06

Stop selling out to corporate America and corporate controlled charter schools. Take care of your public schools Central Falls. What a travesty! Once again data controlled, "high-performing" charter schools get the lion's share of the money and struggling, data manipulated public schools that could truly benefit from additional funding are made to continue without assistance. This is yet another step in the corporate sponsored (and Deborah Gist supported) take over of our public school system to further divide the have's and the have not's. Don't stand for it residents of Central Falls!

Comment #4 by john santangelo on 2013 03 06

Corporate run schools? The freckin' world is run by corporations. What else is new?

Comment #5 by Charles Marsh on 2013 03 06

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