Methodology: Most Dangerous Intersections in New England

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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How did GoLocal rank New England's most dangerous intersections?

To rank the Most Dangerous Intersections in New England, GoLocal began with every state's listings of their most dangerous intersections.

Those intersections were defined by each state as to whether they included off-ramp and on-ramp areas on highways as well as traditional four-corner intersections in urban and suburban areas. GoLocal's researchers utilized accident data provided by each state's DOT from the most recent Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program 5 Percent Report, and assessed four factors: total number of accidents, fatalities, injuries, and property damage only. Because states offered lists of varying lengths, GoLocal utilized the Top 10 worst intersections from each state for its comparison and ranking.

Because different states chose different time spans in which to accumulate their data (3-5 years), GoLocal standardized the tallies to a 3-year sum.

GoLocal created a ranking formula that weighted each of the 3 categories of crashes based on the "danger" of the outcome (fatalities were weighted more than injuries, which were weighted more than property damage only), which yielded the final ranking order.

To see the 60 Most Dangerous Intersections in New England, go here.


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