Illegal Pensions in Johnston: See the Documents

Thursday, August 26, 2010


At least 25 retired firefighters in Johnston are receiving disability pensions that are illegal, a GoLocalProv investigation has found. Below is the paper trail that shows how the pensions are calculated—and how those calculations go against state law.

The first document is an excerpt from the most recent collective bargaining agreement, showing that disability pensions are calculated on the basis of salary, longevity, holiday pay, clothing and maintenance allowance, and overtime—in contradiction to state law, which says only salary can be considered. That state law is the second document.

The third document is a another state law which says that disability pensions for Johnston firefighters have to be approved by the state retirement board. But town records shows that the board never authorized the disability pensions for the 25 firefighters.

1. 2009 Collective Bargaining Agreement with Firefighters - Section on Disability Pensions Are Calculated

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2. State Law - How Disability Pensions Should Be Calculated

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3. State Law - Disability Pensions for Johnston Firefighters Must Be Approved by Retirement Board

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