Hinckley Calls Whitehouse Jobs Plan ‘Woefully Insufficient’

Saturday, August 18, 2012


U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s jobs plan is too little, too late, according to his Republican opponent Barry Hinckley.

In a scathing press release sent early this week, Hinckley ripped the first-term incumbent’s releasing a job creation plan more than 2,000 days after taking office. The plan, according to Hinckley, simply amounts to a set of old policies that have not been successful during Whitehouse’s time in Washington.

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“The Senator's proposed policies, all of which are re-treads of legislation he has touted in the past, are woefully insufficient to the magnitude of the economic problems we face,” Hinckley said. “Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common result of electing a career politician with no private sector experience and no record of creating private-sector jobs.”

Whitehouse kicked off a month-long tour of small businesses in the state last week where he rolled out a plan that mixes policies and proposals that he has advocated for throughout his time in the Senate, and which, if passed, would provide a boost to small businesses throughout the state.

“My top priority is to get our economy back on track,” Whitehouse said. “That’s why I’m fighting hard to pass legislation that will put Rhode Islanders back to work, and touring the state to hear from small business owners about what they need to succeed and grow.”

The featured aspects of Whitehouse’s proposal includes ending a policy that permits manufacturers who send jobs overseas to delay paying federal income taxes on foreign income; providing a 10 percent income tax credit on new payroll—through either hiring or increased wages – for small businesses; extending the current tax rates for income under $250,000 and promoting the Buffett rule that would raises taxes on the richest Americans; creating more construction jobs; and stopping China’s unfair currency manipulation

“The initiatives outlined in this jobs plan can help our economy by providing tax credits to businesses that hire, ending incentives to send jobs overseas, keeping tax rates low for small business owners and their workers, supporting highway construction jobs, and creating an even playing field with foreign competitors like China,” Whitehouse said. “I’ve heard from Rhode Island business owners and workers that these proposals are badly needed, and I’ll keep fighting to pass them into law.”

But Hinckley maintains that Whitehouse is out of touch with Rhode Island and suggested he has has voted to raise taxes on small businesses while focusing on legislation that doesn’t help the majority of residents across the state.

“Unlike Senator Whitehouse, I have been on a jobs tour for the over a year now and I have listened to the many concerns of entrepreneurs in Rhode Island,” Hinckley said. “I find it disingenuous that last month Senator Whitehouse stated ‘I don’t know a single small business in Rhode Island that is going to be made or broken by tax rates.’”


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