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RI’s Congressional Delegation to Call for Action to Prevent Gun Violence

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse and Congressmen James Langevin and David Cicilline on Friday will call for action to help reduce gun violence and prevent massacres like the mass-shootings at Aurora, Newtown, Oak Creek, Virginia Tech, and Tucson.

The Congressional delegation has called a press conference to discuss the need for stronger federal gun violence prevention and mental health laws, including reinstating the ban on military-type assault weapons; limiting access to high-capacity ammunition clips; and closing the federal loophole that allows criminals and the mentally ill to buy firearms at gun shows without the same type of background checks required when guns are purchased from a licensed dealer.

All four members of the delegation have also opposed efforts to cut federal funding for children’s mental health services and youth violence prevention.

From 1994 to 2004, several types of assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines were banned by the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. In March of 2004, months before the ban was set to expire, Senator Reed managed floor action during the gun debate and helped lead a bipartisan coalition that voted 52-47 to renew the assault weapons ban, 53-46 to close the gun show loophole, and 70-27 to require gun locks.

At the time, Democrats were in the minority in the Senate, but were joined by several Republican senators in voting for the provisions, but then-President George W. Bush opposed the bill. Since then, there have been repeated attempts to renew the Federal Assault Weapons Ban and close the gun show loophole, but Congress has not been able to pass legislation through both chambers.

Senator Whitehouse is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will take the lead in crafting and approving any gun control legislation that comes before the U.S. Senate.

Langevin, a member of the House’s Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, has been a longtime supporter of an assault weapons ban and increased background checks. He is an original cosponsor of the Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act, which bans magazines that hold more than 10 bullets, and will be introducing legislation to strengthen the inspections process for gun dealers.

As Mayor of Providence, David N. Cicilline established the city’s first Gun Task Force and was a founding member of the national organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Today, Congressman Cicilline is the lead sponsor of the Fire Sale Loophole Act that would keep gun dealers whose licenses are revoked from converting their gun inventory into a personal collection, which can then be sold without conducting background checks on purchasers. He has also co-sponsored several additional measures to enhance gun safety protections and strengthen background check requirements, including the Fix Gun Checks Act, the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act, and the Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act.

Over the last two years, there have been a dozen mass shootings throughout the nation. Each year gun violence kills more than 30,000 Americans.


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Pass more laws that only the law abiding will obey, brilliant.

We have laws against murder, yet we still have murderers. What makes them think this is going to work?

Evil people exist, we can only hope that the good people will have the tools to stop them.

Comment #1 by Wuggly Ump on 2013 01 10

Your argument is baseless.
Where are all the good law abiding gun owners when innocent people are being slaughtered by guns? We need to regulate gun sales. They live a lot longer than their owners. The answer isn't more guns that's for sure.

Comment #2 by Dawn Sullo on 2013 01 10

Really how can it be baseless? Are you telling me murder doesn't occur without firearms?
Look at the crime statistics for places like Chicago and Washington D.C. where gun laws are strictest.
You're planning on taking rights and property form innocent people, how is that right?
This is like banning sports cars because some one used one speeding.
If we are punishing people for the possibility of wrong doing we're all guilty before trial.

Comment #3 by Wuggly Ump on 2013 01 10

And the law-abiding gun owners aren't near schools 'cause it's not legal.
The mall shooter out on the west coast was stopped by a law abiding gun owner. kgw.com
The home invader in Georgia last week was stopped by a mom protecting her two kids, get this with a gun. Google this one the 911 tapes are even on youtube.
Robbers were stopped at an internet cafe in Florida.-KMOV.com
These stories are never reported by the national media because it doesn't fit the narrative or the agenda.

Comment #4 by Wuggly Ump on 2013 01 10

Meaning...your comment - we have laws against murderers and murders happen etc....Laws are broken every day. Of course murders occur with firearms, and guns, and cars etc. AND I never said anything about taking property or rights away from anyone. There needs to be new regulations - not all gun owners are responsible. If you are, that's wonderful but you cannot speak for everyone that has a fire arm.

Comment #5 by Dawn Sullo on 2013 01 10

These four total worthless scumbags are simply band wagon jumping.

If they cared about gun violence, they would have recently run a campaign on gun violence. No, instead they are simply taking a “no duh” approach to the obvious.

This is RI’s “leadership”, people!!!
No original thoughts. No answers to our high tax burdens. No answers to our high unemployment rates. No answers to our high levels of illegal immigration. No answers to anything that really matters to this state.

Instead, we’ll take a stand on a subject matter that the entire country is fighting for, and we’ll make it look like we’re actually accomplishing something.

Like I said…..four total worthless scumbags, that RI elected and re-elected and re-elected. This is what you wanted, so this is what you get.

Comment #6 by pearl fanch on 2013 01 10

@ Dawn
My rights and yours are infringed with new laws, any new law about anything. Every time firearms registration has occurred confiscation followed. That confiscation part would be the taking away of property.

Again if gun laws worked why where there are tougher gun laws is there a higher crime rate?

Oklahoma City killed 168 people and injured over 500. It was done with fertilizer and fuel, did we outlaw landscapers? No. The politicians went after guns. Why?

@ pearl Except for "the entire country is fighting for" part I agree with you about the politicians.

Comment #7 by Wuggly Ump on 2013 01 10

Will this press conference be in RI or DC, and will it focus on RI and national action or just national action?

Comment #8 by Samuel Bell on 2013 01 10

Teacher Talks Down Student With Gun

This is today's headlines.

the student didn't have a knife, a sling shot, a hammer, a banana, a rope or mace. HE HAD A FRIGGIN G U N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment #9 by pearl fanch on 2013 01 11

No pearl, People kill, stop blaming the instrument lets do something about broadening the areas of background checks to include mental health records, closing the loopholes of gun show sales without background checks. I got one how about charging people properly and keeping them in jail where they belong. But no , lets charge the homeowner with assault for protecting his home and let the criminal go instead of charging him with the break....its the laws that need to be fix not the gun needing to be banned.

Comment #10 by michael imondi on 2013 01 11

A gun by itself does no harm , it needs a person to pull the trigger ......so what is the problem again.... the person.

Comment #11 by michael imondi on 2013 01 11

The question is, what is an assault weapon?

Military vs. Civilian Rifles — What’s the Difference?

For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on AR-15s since it is what CBS calls “the most popular rifle in America” and one often designated an “assault” rifle. An AR-15 is the civilian equivalent to the military’s M-16. So what’s the difference?

Kelly Allwood, a firearms trainer and consultant, told TheBlaze the only difference is that one is fully automatic and the other is semi-automatic. It’s a small yet simultaneously big distinction. Firearms for use by the military are able to shoot continuously with one pull of the trigger, machine-gun style. Civilian firearms, on the other hand, only allow one shot per trigger pull.

Comment #12 by anthony sionni on 2013 01 11

So at the end of the day the only difference between a so called assault rifle and any other semi-automatic firearm is the look and that's all folks, not a damn thing else. Get it you gun control advocates. Do your research and stop your hysterical rhetoric. Firearms don't kill people, people kill people, whether it be with a gun,knife, bat,car or whatever. The definition of an assault weapon is anything that can be used to harm or kill....end of story.

Oh and by the way the AR stands for the company who first introduced the rifle......Armalite. Learn your facts.the states with the strictest gun control laws have the highest homicide rates. Shocking what happens when the criminals know you are helpless.

Comment #13 by michael imondi on 2013 01 11

"Assault Weapon" device used to injure another person. Which covers just about anything you could hit, stab, slice, suffocate, drown or strangle a person with.

@ pearl here's a few news items you may have missed 'cause the mainstream doesn't report them.

Homeowner foils pair of burglars, KVOE. Emporia, KS, 1/2/13
Mother of two protects children from home invader, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, GA. 1/4/13
Father protects infant son from violent attack, The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, OH, 1/8/13
(if you need more let me know)

They all had, to use your words, a "friggin gun". Guns still don't kill, people kill with guns but they also protect with guns.

Comment #14 by Wuggly Ump on 2013 01 16

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