Guest MINDSETTER™ Tom Kenney: PFD Organizational Chart

Thursday, June 30, 2016


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A fire scene of an ordinary house fire is one of organized chaos in the best of situations. It requires an accountable command system with checks and balances so that every critical job is being done correctly and is eventually monitored by a single person. This is accomplished via delegation of assignments or geographical areas to Fire Chiefs.

If there are not enough chiefs available these assignments are delegated to Fire Captains. This requires, however, that the fire company being commanded by that captain not being able to function as an entire unit to accomplish a needed task. The firefighters from that company will be delegated other duties rather than fire suppression or search and rescue due to safety factors. This results in more fire companies having to be called to the scene to complete these necessary tasks. This also means that these critical jobs are not being filled in a timely basis – there is at least a 4-5 minute delay due to the response time of the additional companies. This is also why there are more multiple alarm fires since Elorza’s and Pare’s reorganization of the fire department.

These changes will result in loss of life.

The chart below shows the level of decimation the Providence Fire Department has gone through since Pare took over as Public Safety Commissioner – with most of the damage being done since Elorza took office:

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In that time frame well over 1,000 years of firefighting experience have been forced out the door. The loss of this much experience and the complete decimation of any semblance of a Command Staff has left the department in complete shambles.

Don’t let Elorza or Pare trick you into believing that public safety, and especially firefighter safety, has not been compromised. They will tell you what they think you want to hear, as long as it doesn’t reflect poorly on them. They have no fire service experience to base their claims on and they have absolutely no moral character to guide their claims.


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