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RI Coalition for the Homeless Says EG Man’s Actions Were Misguided

Thursday, August 13, 2015


The Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless says that the actions of former East Greenwich School Committee member Jack Sommer were misguided, and has offered to educate Sommer about homelessness.

Jim Ryczek, the Executive Director of the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless, released a statement Wednesday saying: “Mr. Sommer’s actions, to attack the victim rather than grapple with the problems and systems that have led to the victim’s homelessness, are misguided and we encourage Mr. Sommer to educate himself about homelessness in Rhode Island. We are more than willing to assist him in becoming part of the solution to homelessness.”

Ryczek went on to say that: "This act of senseless violence against a person, whose only transgression was to be without a safe affordable place to call home, strengthens our commitment to the Zero: 2016 Campaign with the goal of ending chronic and veterans homelessness in Rhode Island by 2016."

Reportedly a drunk Jack Sommer verbally assaulted the homeless woman who was sleeping in her van at the Frenchtown Park and Ride. After yelling at the woman, Sommer allegedly smashed the window of the van and drove away.

The homeless woman reportedly received no physical harm.  

Jack Sommer was found by police shortly after, where the police claim he failed a field sobriety test.  

Sommer is being charged with vandalism, refusal of a chemical test, driving under the influence, and disorderly conduct and is scheduled to appear in court Friday. 


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Below are those fifteen local police departments that have obtained military supplies, listed from least to most items acquired. The list does not include acquisition records for certain tactical weapons and supplies for which the Pentagon has refused to release department-specific data. (In those instances only county-level data has been released. That data is not included below.) Records are for recent acquisitions going back to 2009 and were obtained from the Defense Logistics Agency.

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Items Purchased: 3

Summary of Equipment: Dump truck (1 unit), Snow plow plade (1 unit), Truck and tractor attachments (1 unit)

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West Warwick

Items Purchased: 5

Summary of Equipment: Shotgun barrel (1 unit), Immersion suit (1 unit, can be used for underwater operations)

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East Providence

Items Purchased: 10

Summary of Equipment: Radio sets (4 units), Miscellaneous vehicle parts (6 total units)

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Items Purchased: 12

Summary of Equipment: M84 charging handle (8 units, is part of a rifle)

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Items Purchased: 15

Summary of Equipment: Small arms sling swivel (10 units), Optical reflex units (5 units)

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Items Purchased: 17

Summary of Equipment: Digital computer systems (3 units), Flat panel monitors (10 units)

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Items Purchased: 43

Summary of Equipment: Binoculars (5 units), Ballistic protective spectacles (25 units), Sight mount (5 units)

Photo credit: Stanislas PERRIN

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Items Purchased: 49

Summary of Equipment: Armor Plate (1 unit), Survival vest pocksts (30 units)

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Items Purchased: 70

Summary of Equipment: High capacity rifle magazines (12 units), Ammunition-carrying vests (4 units), Ballistic protective spectacles (20 units)

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North Kingstown

Items Purchased: 72

Summary of Equipment: High capacity rifle magazines (27 units), Small arms storage rack (5 units), Satellite systems navigation set (4 units)

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East Greenwich

Items Purchased: 99

Summary of Equipment: Binoculars (10 units), Ballistic and laser protective spectacles (53 units), Ballistic protective spectables (30 unites)

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Items Purchased: 100

Summary of Equipment: High capacity rifle magazines (100 units)

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Items Purchased: 257

Summary of Equipment: Ballistic and laser protective spectacles (6 units), Rifle bipods (10 units), Field pack (10 units, designed for clothing rations, and additional items like ammunition), Passenger motor vehicles (3 units)

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Items Purchased: 1,604

Summary of Equipment: HMMWV (Humvee) M1165 Assembly Kit (2 units), Gun magazines (432 units), Night vision face masks (8 units), Gun silencers (54), Small arms sight mounts (6 units)

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Items Purchased: 2,389

Summary of Equipment: Armor plates (30 units), Demolition firing device (1 unit), Improvised Explosive Device training it (9 units), High capacity rifle magazines (599 units), Chemical protective suit (1 unit), High-speed tractor (1 unit), Diesel generators (2 units), Flat panel monitors (21 units)


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