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First Responders to Bombings

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Yesterday, in Boston, evil once again reared its ugly head. It’s becoming all too commonplace in this world of ours. We’re becoming numb to it all. That is, until it hits close to home.

Remember that these cowardly acts perpetrated against innocent victims in other parts of the globe have the same personal consequences to real people that this act had in Boston. It’s easy to ignore the pain and the horror when it’s halfway around the world, but it is exactly the same. We can only search out and punish the perpetrators and pray for the victims and their loved ones and families.

Another common factor in all these terrible scenes is the incredible heroism and dedication of the First Responders. This was never as visible as it was on 9/11 where hundreds of firefighters, police officers and EMS personnel were witnessed by millions on TV running into the towers before the unthinkable happened. The same reaction could be witnessed yesterday by all First Responders and other Good Samaritan civilians and doctors. They rushed to help even after a second bomb echoed in their ear, making them aware that there could be more attacks to come. God bless them all.

I have been a firefighter for over 32 years and it never surprises me that these men and women act this way at the most terrifying moments we encounter as human beings. Sure, we train for Mass Casualty events quite often. Training, however, only teaches you what needs to be done in these situations, but it takes a special quality in an individual to actually react so unselfishly and selflessly at a moment’s notice. These men and women will not forget the horrific sights they saw yesterday – never. They will be awakened with these images for the rest of their lives. But….even knowing the dangers they were immediately facing and being aware of the long term effects that they would encounter they willingly, and eagerly, rushed to the scene to make a difference. That’s what they do. That’s what we do.

I pray for all those who were so horribly affected and I’m extremely proud of my brother and sister First Responders. God bless them all!
Capt. Tom Kenney
Prov Fire Dept


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Tom, I think we all share your respect and admiration for the work of the First Responders in Boston and elsewhere. Wouldn't it be great if the public safety unions decided to not claim overtime status for all the extra hours they are working as a result of this tragedy and just took straight time pay? That would really demonstrate their selflessness and dedication in the face of this tragedy.

Comment #1 by Kevin McCarthy on 2013 04 18

I'm so bitterly disappointed in the way some people politicize EVERYTHING!

For instance, what is the purpose of this post by Kevin McCarthy?? Can someone point out the socially redeeming quality?

The point is not that these First Responders are getting paid, it's that they ran in without hesitation disregarding any personal risk...as we expect from our First Responders. These guys experienced the worst day of their careers yet those who were off-shift (to a man) wish they had been there. That's what they live for......and yes, Kevin McCarthy, get paid for.

Comment #2 by Tom Kenney on 2013 04 18

Why shouldn't they get paid-hedge fund managers accrue big bucks in the time it takes for them to relieve themselves-first responders rush in before knowing it's "safe"-many terrorist bombers have dual bombs set just to kill medics,police,and fire personnel.And Mr.McCarthy should realize that many off duty police officers are killed each year responding to serious incidents they come across-and no overtime in sight in those cases.

Comment #3 by Joseph Bernstein on 2013 04 18

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