Ethics Commission Fines Woonsocket Mayor for Hiring Son

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


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Woonsocket Mayor Lisa Baldelli Hunt

The Rhode Island Ethics Commission has fined Woonsocket Mayor Lisa Baldelli Hunt $750 for hiring her son for a part time summer employment program with the Department of Public Works.

According to the complaint, Baldelli-Hunt hired her son and members of his baseball team to the $10 an hour summer DPW program, which was not publicly advertised. The program was funded by the DPW’s Highway Temporary Services account. 

During the summer of 2014, the mayor’s son worked 80 hours and was paid $880. In November 2014, the mayor reimbursed the city for the money he was paid. 

The Ethics Commission unanimously found Baldelli-Hunt in violation of commission regulation, and imposed a civil penalty of $750, which she agreed to pay.


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You Play Big Time Hockey

You know you're from Woonsocket when you have been to Brother Adelard Arena.

No high school in America has the legacy of Mount Saint Charles when it comes to hockey. They have won more state championships and sent more young men to the NHL than anyone in America.

The most amazing stat may be that only three Americans have been selected #1 overall in the NHL Draft and two of them were Mounties – Brian Lawton and Bryan Berard.

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You know you're from Woonsocket when you know how to eat a dynamite sandwich.

The sandwich is king in the old French-Canadian town and available in all the best old diners around town. Consisting of ground beef, celery, onions, and green peppers, dynamite sandwiches may look like a Sloppy Joe to the untrained eye, but locals know it as so much more.

Don't forget to add the hot sauce.

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A Glimpse of Hollywood

You know you’re from Woonsocket if you tried to catch a glimpse of Richard Gere during the filming of Hachi.

In 2009, the Woonsocket Train Depot was transformed into a movie set for the filming of Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, which centered on a college professor’s unlikely bond with an abandoned dog. In addition to Gere, the movie starred Joan Allen (The Killing, The Bourne Legacy) and Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander.

Three years later, a statue commemorating the film was unveiled at the train depot.

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Fortune 500

Rhode Island is home to one of the biggest and most successful companies in America – CVS.

The company is now one of the Top 50 companies in America and one of the biggest healthcare providers in the world.

Woonsocket is the place to visit their ever-expanding corporate headquarters.

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Child World

You know you’re from Woonsocket if you bought your child’s toys at Child World.

At its peak, this Toys “R” Us competitor boasted over 180 stores in the United States – including one in Woonsocket. Known for selling toys, electronics, board games, dolls, and video games, Child World has in business for over two decades until it closed its doors in 1992.

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Batter Up

You know you’re from Woonsocket if you’ve had dreams of making it to the big leagues.

Hockey isn’t the sport on the radar of Woonsocket residents. From baseball legend and Hall of Famer Nap Lajoie to the “Woonsocket Rocket” himself Rocco Baldelli, Woonsocket as been home to some great pro ball players. And who could forget Clem Labine, the All-Star relief pitcher who won three World Series Championships.

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Movie Houses

You know you’re from Woonsocket if you remember when the city touted six movie theaters.

The Stadium Theatre may be the only movie house left in Woonsocket, but at one time the city featured six impressive venues. As recently as the 1950s, Woonsocket residents had their choice of seeing an evening or afternoon showing at six theaters – including The Olympia, Bijou, Rialto, Stadium, Laurier and New Park. In fact, four theaters were on Main Street alone.

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Dupras Bakery

You know you’re from Woonsocket if you buy your dynamite rolls at Dupras Bakery.

Appropriately located on Sweet Ave, this popular bakery offers a variety of baked goods, including torpedo rolls – also know by locals as dynamite rolls. Adding to its small town charm, Dupras features handwritten signs and small, but cozy atmosphere.

Are you ready to make a dynamite sandwich?

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Bernon Park

You know you’re from Woonsocket if you’ve ice-skated at night at Bernon Park.

Consisting of nearly 10 acres of open space, Bernon Park touts numerous athletic fields for tennis, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey. It also features a large playground in the center of park – equipped with a jungle gym, swings, and slides.

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A Night at the Theatre

If you’re from Woonsocket, chances are you’ve caught a weekend performance at Theatre Works.

Located in the Masonic Temple on Clinton Street, this community theatre has entertained theatregoers for over 30 years. Known for its comfortable and intiminate atmosphere, Theatre Works was the first Rhode Island theatre to perform La Cage Aux Folles and Forever Plaid.


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