EDITORIAL: In 2016 Rematch, Elorza Beat Snow in the First Round

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


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In their first bout in 2015, snow beat new-Mayor Jorge Elorza in every round. Snow pummeled the rookie Mayor and bloodied him throughout the fight. 

The snow remained on the streets of Providence for weeks, many areas never got properly plowed, and the fight was declared a knockout. According to the judges, snow beat Elorza in each round of their 2015 mismatch.

It seems like the Mayor trained in between bouts and brought in a new trainer and a new corner man.

This past weekend’s first round goes to Elorza. Streets were cleared of snow and in many areas curb to curb.

One of the basic city services residents expect of a Mayor in the northeast is snow removal and while the 2016 rematch is far from over, let’s give credit to Mayor Elorza for learning from his 2015 beat down and coming back in shape and ready to fight.

Let’s hope the second year Mayor has done enough road work and has the legs and staying power for the entire 2016 fight with the snow.


Related Slideshow: Top 10 Blizzards in RI History

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10. Blizzard of 2010

Max Accumulation: Approximately 13"

December 26-27, 2010

This winter storm brought more than a foot of snow to several parts of Rhode Island, including 13 inches in Woonsocket.

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9. Blizzard of 2003

Max Accumulation: Approximately 15"

February 14-19, 2013

Know as the President’s Day Storm II, this blizzard brought roughly 15 inches to Ocean State.

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8. Blizzard of 2009

Max Accumulation: Approximately 16"

December 16-20, 2009

Blizzard warnings were in effect in southern Rhode Island when this storm hit just before Christmas 2009.

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7. April Fool's Day Blizzard

Max Accumulation: Approximately 18"

March 30 to April 1, 1997

This blizzard was no joke when it dropped 18 inches of snow in Providence.

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6. 1969 Nor’easter

Max Accumulation: Approximately 20"

February 8-10, 1969

This storm blanketed many parts of Rhode Island with upwards of 20 inches of snow.

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5. Great Blizzard of 1888

Max Accumulation: Approximately 20"

March 11-14, 1888

One of the most severe recorded blizzards in the history of the United States, this superstorm dumped 20 inches in Kingston.

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4. Blizzard of 1996

Max Accumulation: Approximately 23"

Jan. 6-10, 1996

One of two blizzards to receive an “extreme” rating on the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale, this storm blanketing parts of Rhode Island with upwards of 23 inches of snow.

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3. Blizzard of 2005

Max Accumulation: Approximately 23.5"

January 20-23, 2005

This three-day storm delivered more nearly two feet of snow to some parts of Rhode Island.

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2. Winter Storm Nemo

Max Accumulation: Approximately 24"

February 7-18, 2013

About 180,000 RI homes and businesses lost power during this powerful blizzard.

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1. Blizzard of 1978

Max Accumulation: Approximately 38"

February 5-7, 1978

This historic nor’easter, which claimed the lives of 26 Rhode Islanders, brought a record-breaking 27.6 inches of snow to Providence and 38 inches to Woonsocket.


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