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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


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Source: State agencies or CDC. Some states did not include data for census tracts and zip codes if the testing numbers were small, usually below five, to protect patient privacy. These areas appear as if no one was tested.

Data by zip code: RI

Years: Data 2005-2015

DATA: Developed by Reuters

Zip codes with <100 children tested not included in ranking.

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ZIP: 02813


Number of Children Tested: 1,437


Percent Elevated: 10.02%

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ZIP: 02904


Number of Children Tested: 8,975


Percent Elevated: 10.07%

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ZIP: 02910


Number of Children Tested: 6,343


Percent Elevated: 10.37%

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ZIP: 02894


Number of Children Tested: 621


Percent Elevated: 10.47%

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ZIP: 02891


Number of Children Tested: 4,241


Percent Elevated: 10.16%

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East Providence


ZIP: 02915


Number of Children Tested: 4,711


Percent Elevated: 11.12%

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ZIP: 02895


Number of Children Tested: 15,651


Percent Elevated: 11.34%

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Little Compton


ZIP: 02837


Number of Children Tested: 819


Percent Elevated: 11.72%

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ZIP: 02859


Number of Children Tested: 1600


Percent Elevated: 12%

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ZIP: 02909


Number of Children Tested: 24,764


Percent Elevated: 12%

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ZIP: 02832


Number of Children Tested: 1,012


Percent Elevated: 12.35%

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East Providence


ZIP: 02914


Number of Children Tested: 8,045


Percent Elevated: 12.77%

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ZIP: 02885


Number of Children Tested: 3,458


Percent Elevated: 12.78%

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Providence East Side


ZIP: 02906


Number of Children Tested: 6,484


Percent Elevated: 13.66%

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ZIP: 02860


Number of Children Tested: 21,099


Percent Elevated: 14.19%

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ZIP: 02840


Number of Children Tested: 7,068


Percent Elevated: 14.77%

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Central Falls


ZIP: 02863


Number of Children Tested: 10,897


Percent Elevated: 16.22%

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ZIP: 02028


Number of Children Tested: 15,943


Percent Elevated: 18.14%

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ZIP: 02905


Number of Children Tested: 10,245


Percent Elevated: 18.53%

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ZIP: 02907


Number of Children Tested: 17,249


Percent Elevated: 22.63%


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