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Dancing Cop Blasts His Critics As Second City Cancels His Dance

Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Tony Lepore, the Dancing Cop, took to Facebook to blast his critics over the debate regarding #BlackLivesMatter. 

As GoLocal first reported, Lepore had called for a boycott of Dunkin' Donuts after a worker had written "#BlackLivesMatter" on a Providence Police Officer's cup.

East Providence has now cancelled Lepore. It comes less than a week after Providence had cancelled the long running holiday season tradition.

"People are making an impression of me that isn`t true. You people of color out there know this also, but organizations have an agenda to destroy me because I don`t think like them. Those same people who are against me loved me last year. You were well wishers when I celebrated my 30th year. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I will be there at city hall E.P. (East Providence) with my wife to speak our piece," wrote Lepore on his Facebook post.

As GoLocal Reported Sunday:

A protest organized before "Dancing Cop" Tony Lepore, Sr. was scheduled to appear in East Providence for holiday festivities saw Lepore cancel, in light of the planned demonstration. 

Lepore was goint to take part in a holiday tree light event at the Crescent Park Carousel on Sunday afternoon, after getting hired by East Providence.  Lepore was let go by the City of Providence this past week following comments Lepore had made after #BlackLivesMatter was written on a police officer's cup back in October, which GoLocal was first to report. 

However, a protest scheduled in light of his being hired by East Providence changed his plans, when a Facebook event had invited nearly 400 people to attend the protest, with 25 saying they had planned on going. Their statement was as follows: 

The City of East Providence has hired Tony Lepore, the dancing cop who protested against a 17 year old Dunkin Donuts employee after having #blacklivesmatter written on a coffee cup.

Lepore made international headlines after calling for the firing of the employee and a boycott of Dunkin Donuts. 
(Dunkin Donuts is one of the event sponsors for this tree lighting ceremony; the dancing cop is also a paid spokesperson for Honeydew Donuts)

The city's choice to employ the Dancing Cop has shown that it has disregarded the issue of institutional racism, and the city is allowing enablers of institutional racism to represent the city.

Lepore's Statement Sunday:

Lepore issued the following statement late Sunday morning on Facebook. 

I Have An Announcement to make; I just got a call from Mayor Tommy Rose of East Providence. He informed me that there was to be a demonstration put on by various organizations affiliated with Black Lives Matter. This event is supposed to be a festive holiday experience for children and their families. The Mayor left the decision to me, as to whether or not to appear. Because of my concern for the children`s safety, I have decided to cancel. It is unfortunate that leftist agendas must spoil this happy event. It is evident that these groups are biased. To all those who were waiting for me, have a wonderful time. See you soon!

Lepore has repeatedly refuted claims that he is being currently paid by Honeydew Donuts, after filming what he said was one commercial for them years ago. 


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