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Curt Schilling Slams Governor Chafee on Twitter

Monday, August 20, 2012


Former Red Sox star Curt Schilling took to Twitter over the weekend to criticize Governor Lincoln Chafee over the demise of his video game company, which filed for bankruptcy less than two years after the state signed off on a $75 million loan guarantee.

When all is said and done with the 38 Studios saga, some have estimated the state could end up on the hook for over $100 million, but Schilling says it will be Chafee’s fault if taxpayers end up footing the bill.

“If the state loses money it's because the Governor is a dunce of epic proportions, nothing I can do about that,” Schilling said in an exchange with another Twitter user Saturday evening.

Schilling’s company had less than $22 million in assets and owed more than $150 million to over 1,000 mostly-unsecured creditors when it filed for bankruptcy in June. The state of Rhode Island is the largest secured creditor at $115.9 million.

After the company filed for bankruptcy in Delaware, a federal judge moved the case to Rhode Island and Richard J. Land was appointed the receiver.

This wasn’t the first time Schilling has ripped Chafee since the company’s financial problems were made public. Schilling has blamed the Governor for scaring away potential investors and suggested that politics got in the way of saving the company.

"I think he had an agenda and executed it,” Schilling said of Chafee in a June interview with WEEI.

Schilling’s biggest criticism has been that Chafee told reporters that the state was looking to keep the company solvent in May, several weeks after it defaulted on a $1.125 million payment due to the Economic Development Corporation. But Chafee has he doesn’t believe his comments were the reason 38 Studios couldn’t find investors.

“I don’t believe [my comments] scared away investors,” Chafee said in May. “An investor is not going to be scared away by some Governor’s comments.”


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David Allen

Curt Schilling = Lenny Dykstra

Karen Philippi

Curt -YOU failed to attract investors, own it!@

Joan Overcash

Sure, Chafee is responsible for your pissing away 175 million dollars. Why don't you tell us where it all went?

frank Capoverde

you and your wife took the money and went on a spending spree for yourselves. thats why your company failed!!

Lance Chappell

Schilling, you played baseball and was good at it. As a businesman, you stunk up the house. Blaming the governor over your inability to run a business is pretty small. You have to accept responsibility for that. Calling the governor names reflects badly on your character. Unfortunately, you were able to con the last governor with this "company" but that is as far as it goes.

John Thomas Nailor

Curt, what did you think the Red Numbers on the 38 Studio Financials were like the World Series 'Red Sox' it was a Winner?

Amazing you hired all your family to work for you but did not think you needed someone who had Experience. Don't blame it on Linc or the State, look in the mirror and I think you will see where the Blame lies.

Odd Job

yup, gov. gump is indeed a dunce. no disputing that!

paul zecchino

Not to worry, time will peel back layer upon layer of obfuscation, to vindicate Mr. Schilling.

Sounds like your typical Constructed Fraud, with Mr. Schilling playing the unenviable role of 'fall guy'

Todd B

Chafee didn't spend the money. Chafee didn't run a video game company that continually delayed getting its product to market.

Schilling failed to attract private investors for years and his company was already under water at the time Chafee made his comment about 38 Studios' solvency.

Schilling is either in denial or incredibly arrogant to blame a governor for his company's failure.

John Thomas Nailor

Schilling is as Dumb as Dumb can be. Thus he is going to Default and cost himself and the State of RI a lot of $.

elaresperssamel John

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Mike J

Donald Carceiri & Keith Stokes orchestrated this debacle - not Chafee.
Donald Carceiri & Keith Stokes were wined & dined at Schilling's home, not Chafee. Schilling was denied funds in Massachusetts but Carceiri & Stokes acted like a couple of awestruck teenage girls at a Justin Beiber concert & couldn't wait to shower cash on their new-found friend. Schilling spent $1M on office furniture - not Chafee.
Lastly, Schilling released his game on Feb. 7, 2012. That same day that Mortal Combat & six other video games were released. The fact that Schilling's game was reviewed as "mediocre" as compared to the other offerings is not Chafee's doing. When is this goofball going to own up to his own blunders & stop trying to spin this as Chafee's fault?

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