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Coming Monday: Rhode Island’s Best Communities 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012


What's the best community in Rhode Island?

What community combines affordable housing and lower taxes with great schools and low crime, plus offers great recreation and art and culture sites? For RI's Best Communities 2012, GoLocalProv spent hundreds of hours crunching data from every city and town to yield its 3rd annual ranking. Get ready for some surprises.

Coming Monday: An entire week devoted to Best Communities 2012

With updated data and formulas, GoLocalProv reveals the very latest look at every community from one end of the state to the other. Starting Monday, we reveal the rankings, starting from the bottom of the list at #39. Every day we'll reveal more communities, moving up the list toward the Top 10, which will appear on Friday. What day will your town make the list? And at what ranking? Which towns ranked lower than yours? Which ones higher? We'll have more towns every day, all week, plus a major chart on Friday comparing all 39 communities. Don't miss a day of it.

We all have reasons we love (or are frustrated with), the places we live.  But at some level, everyone might think theirs is the best. We're back to settle the fight. What really is the best community in Rhode Island? What place, in a small state of 39 cities and towns, is the all-time best? Who gets the blue ribbon?

Stay tuned.


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