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BREAKING: Senate Passes Marriage Equality

Thursday, April 25, 2013


The Rhode Island Senate in a landmark vote passed gay marriage legislation in a 26 - 12 vote sending the bill back to the House for a confirmation vote.

Once through the House, the bill will be presented to Governor Lincoln Chafee who has been openly supportive of the legislation.

"The vote happened and we prevailed after many many years of trying to make it happen," said Senator Donna Nesslebush (D-Pawtucket). "I've never had a prouder moment as a person or as a senator." 


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Further proof society is in decline. The problem with liberalism is there are no limits. What other bedrock of civilization will fall next?

Comment #1 by Christopher Lee on 2013 04 25

RI politics will never change.
No matter how many times the people of this state vote against this, the politicians will always find a way to serve their own best interests.
RI politics on every level, is so obscenely disgusting. This state should be abolished.

Comment #2 by pearl fanch on 2013 04 25

Well, now we can say the state went to hell. These leaders are so corrupted, they lost their way.

Comment #3 by Gov- stench on 2013 04 25

whether youa re fo or against, lets face it, they are cowards.

did all they could to prevent a vote by the public....

thats the problem with ri, go to the state house with $50k worth of lobbyists and you get whatever you want. the casue is no consequence.

Comment #4 by jon paycheck on 2013 04 25

anybody want to bet how many gay marraiges there will be in the next year?

maybe a few hundred......

and dont forget... its not like the old days when you split.. now you hire lawyers and go to family court like everyone else.

finally, it should be mandatory that joint tax returns are filed for ri. thats a price that straight couples pay and its only fair that gays pay also. aftr all, we all want equality.....

at this point, i dont care one way or the other but its a shame that a charade was made of this , who knows the deals that were cut for a few hundred people that will benefit.

Comment #5 by jon paycheck on 2013 04 25

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