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BREAKING: George Caruolo Will Not Head Up New State Education Board

Friday, December 21, 2012


George Caruolo will not serve as chairman of the newly created state board of education, the Governor’s office has announced.

Governor Lincoln Chafee released the following statement:

“George came to me and informed me that the scope of his position and the time commitment necessary were far more extensive than he realized when he agreed to take the position. I reluctantly agreed to his request. He has done fine work for my administration as chair of the Board of Regents and I was looking forward to working with him in this new position. He is a valued advisor and remains so.”

Caruolo released the following statement:

“I told the Governor that I was sorry to withdraw and I was appreciative of his confidence in me, but that the more I investigated what had to be done in the coming months, the more it was interfering with my need to support my family. I told him that I still had two children in college and that I felt that to do this job correctly would require virtually a full time effort. That is particularly true during the period when the new structure is designed and implemented. I explained that if I could not dedicate enough time then it was unfair to everyone to have me fill that job. I thanked him for his understanding.”


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