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Timeline: RI and NY Men Team for Effort to Defraud Undocumented Immigrants

Monday, January 22, 2018


Davila and Martinez are business associates according to RI corporate documents

Carlos Davila, a convicted murderer, has been discredited by New York officials for selling fraudulent paperwork to undocumented immigrants. His non-profit has been shut-down and he has been fined $1.3 million. A GoLocal investigation has tracked down his Rhode Island business partner -- Bienvenido "Alex" Peralta Martinez thanks to the help of one of the leading immigration lawyers in the region and his victims.

See the timeline below


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Elorza Nominates Martinez, a Central Falls Resident, to the Human Relations Commission

"Communication from His Honor the Mayor, dated March 3, 2015, Informing the Honorable Members of the City Council that pursuant to Sections 302(b) and 1103 of the Providence Home Rule Charter of 1980, as amended and Public Law, Chapter 45-50, Sections 1 through 31 passed in 1987, he is this day appointing Bienvenido Peralta Martinez of 124 Perry Street, Central Falls, Rhode Island 02863, as a member of the Human Relations Commission for a term to end January 31, 2018, and respectfully submits the same for your approval. (Mr. Martinez fills a vacant position on the Commission, formerly filled by Elvys Ruiz.)"

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Resume Submitted by Elorza Administration of Martinez Contains Inconsistencies

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Bienvenido "Alex" Peralta Martinez Resume

According to the resume that Martinez submitted to the City of Providence, he was both educated at the World Theological University and was a leader of the school which is located at 165 Ridge Street in Providence. 

It is affiliated with a Louisiana-based unaccredited school. He is still listed on the school's website as the contact of the Providence location. See photo of the school presently.

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City Council's Finance Committee Rejects Elorza's Appointment

Apr 9, 2015

Councilwoman Sabina Matos (Right) Leads Effort to Block Martinez

MOVER: Sabina Matos, Councilwoman Ward 15
SECONDER: Carmen Castillo, Councilwoman Ward 9
AYES: John J. Igliozzi, Sabina Matos, Carmen Castillo
ABSENT: Terrence M. Hassett, Kevin Jackson

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RI Corporation Papers Filed with Secretary of State Directly Link Martinez and Carlos Davila -- The Subject of Investigation in New York

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A New Beginning for Immigrants' Rights - Olneyville, Providence

The location in Rhode Island at 19 Olneyville Square in Providence.

Today, the location is closed.

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See Video of Interview with Martinez Business Partner Davila


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WNYC News Story in May 2017 -- Davila and RI's Martinez Were Business Associates

"A Bronx businessman authorized by the federal government to represent immigrants in legal proceedings is selling $200 cards on a false promise that they offer protection against deportation, an investigation by WNYC and Telemundo 47 has found. 

The man, Carlos Davila, pled guilty to first-degree manslaughter in 1988 and was convicted of misdemeanor sexual abuse while out on parole in 1996. He served a total of 12 years in prison. The Department of Justice told WNYC Davila's authorization to represent immigrants is now under review, but he is still accredited and allowed to practice." READ MORE HERE

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NY AG Shuts Down Davila

In June 2017, NBC 4 reported, "New York Attorney General Shutters Bronx Non-Profit Selling 'Scam' ID Cards Promising Protection From Deportation" The business shut-down in New York was also being run in Rhode Island by Martinez. SEE VIDEO

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Martinez met with undocumented immigrants, charged them upwards of $1,000 -- and provided them fake papers, according to a leading immigration attorney and one of Martinez's victims.

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One of Martinez's victims was asked for money at multiple meetings and given a series of doctored and fraudulent documents.

The organization sought out individuals who have no legal recourse for fear of deportation.


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