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17 Shots Fired 1,000 Ft. From MLK Elementary In Providence

Saturday, September 23, 2017


17 casings found less than 1,000 feet from an elementary school

Seventeen bullet casings were found at the scene of the Providence shooting that took place on Monday afternoon, less than 1000 feet from the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School on the East Side. 

GoLocal obtained the police report, which listed that 17 bullet casings were seen by law enforcement at 102 Camp Street -- and also included locations where additional bullets were also said to have been found, closer to MLK, which is located at 35 Camp Street.

See Police Report BELOW

"Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School had nearly concluded student dismissal when it received reports of gunfire in the neighborhood on Monday," said Providence School Department spokesperson Laura Hart. "Administrators reached out to area police and received an 'all clear' before loading the last remaining school buses. As an added security measure, police assisted with the loading of these buses."

While the report states that no injuries were reported, three victims were named along with six witnesses.  

MLK Parent-Teacher-Organization (PTO) head Erica Sachs, who said she could not speak on behalf of the PTO when reached on Friday, offered the following. 

"I think it's concerning when it happens anywhere -- schools, homes, playgrounds," said Sachs. "I think the whole community bears responsibility, that there are so many young men and women who don't feel they have a future, so it doesn't matter to them, the consequences of their actions. It's all our faults. We need to be doing a better job in communities in general."

Police Report

The following is the narrative provided in the Providence Police report:

On 9/18/207, at approximately 1538 hours, Car-281 Ptlw. Bustamante was dispatched to the intersection of Camp Street and Jenkins Street for reports of shots fired. Upon arrival, police observed 17 spent casings in front of 107 Camp Street. Police preserved the scene and requested BCI to respond. 

Ptlw. Bustamante spoke to multiple witnesses that stated they observed a gray KIA bearing NY registration plates pursuing a black BMW tinted windows heading inbound on Camp Street which then took a left onto Pleasant Street. The black BMW continued heading inbound on Camp Street, which then took a right turn onto Doyle Ave.

A separate witness also stated they observed a tinted gray vehicle come to a sudden stop in front of 107 Camp Street.  She described the subject as a black male who exited his vehicle and began to shoot in an easterly direction towards Pleasant Street. The witness stated that they did not observe any subjects walking on Camp Street and did not know whom or what was his intended target. 

Police spoke to the resident of 84/86 Camp Street who stated that three bullets entered the building. Two bullets went through the front window on the first floor. A third bullet entered the second floor hallway. 

Police then spoke to the resident at 80/82 Camp Street who stated one bullet entered the second floor window. 

No injuries were reported


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