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12 Best MINDSETTER™ Columns of 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012


From educational issues to the 2012 elections and immigration, GoLocalProv breaks down the 12 best opinion pieces by our MINDSETTERS™.

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Obama's Win

Rob Horowitz, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: President Obama’s Solid Popular Vote Win

The overwhelming majority of presidential post-mortems have emphasized the Obama campaign’s superior ground operation in the battleground states which contributed significantly to what turned out to be an Electoral College landslide for President Barack Obama.”

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Charter Schools

Julia Steiny, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: A Charter School That Educates ALL Kids

To their credit, BVP recruits application-challenged families by knocking on doors in tough neighborhoods. If a kid gets in but doesn’t show, they go find him and work out transportation, or whatever issues.”

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A Successful School

Julia Steiny, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: The Secret Weapon for RI’s Top Elementary School

“After 4 years of working together, Highlander considers Fort Barton to be a well-oiled machine. Getting results in education is not sexy. It takes hard work, over time, and a willingness to change strategies along the way. But the Institute's ability to get everyone laser-focused on student needs was the secret weapon that got fabulous results.”

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Reckless Governor

Donna Perry, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: Rhode Island’s Reckless Governor

It is getting uncomfortable to watch the recklessness in which Governor Chafee is now carrying out his governorship. Just days before opening arguments for the nationally watched, high stakes court case in which the state of Rhode Island will defend its landmark pension reform law, Governor Chafee has a new whim that needs satisfying.”

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Party Politics

Donna Perry, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: The Two Democratic Parties of RI

“If there was any theme which emerged out of this week’s statewide Primary in races for the General Assembly, it was that Rhode Island now has two separate and distinct Democratic parties operating in plain sight and duking it out to a degree not seen before.”

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Don Roach, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: An Equitable Solution to Illegal Immigration

Require all illegal immigrants to pay an additional 15% in taxes on an annual basis for five years. In addition to this, any tax refund would be forfeited by an illegal immigrant for five years and a portion would be held in escrow to pay for what’s in the next sentence. After five years, any illegal immigrant will be allowed to apply for a permanent green card free of charge.”

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Dan Lawlor, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: In RI, It’s All About Who You Know

Rhode Island's leadership class needs a little shaking up. Several day to day administrators of the state have practiced poor stewardship with tax revenues. In terms of attracting business, the tax policy seems to pick losers and winners based on connections. In terms of supporting Rhode Islanders, from watching the manufacturing sector wash away to promoting suburban mini-malls that have caused dozens of former mill villages to close shop, we need better leadership.”

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Speaker Fox

Dan Lawlor, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: The Curious Case of Gordon Fox

The 38 Studios debacle has brought to our attention a cast of characters on the state level whose judgment calls have cost us opportunities and lost us money that could be spent on actually improving this place- everything from the leaky elementary roof in North Kingston to broken park gates in Providence. Don Carcieri, Teresa Paiva-Weed, Steven Costantino and Gordon Fox have all been regularly mentioned in the fall out.”

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Travis Rowley, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: Rhode Islanders, Pay Your Own Damn Taxes

“Local property taxes in Rhode Island are among the highest in the nation. And it has little to do with what progressive Democrats claim. That is, that recent tax cuts for the state’s high-income earners are the cause of your skyrocketing property tax bill – that ‘the rich’ are not paying their ‘fair share.’”

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Travis Rowley, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: Liberty By Law

There are many Americans who naively take a false sense of security in watching power shift back and forth in the nation’s capital, as if the party of limited government and the party of collectivism have equal worth; as if America needs some conservatism, and then a little liberalism to even everything out; as if freedom needs a little tyranny once in a while.”

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Mayoral Academies

Aaron Regunberg, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: Do Mayoral Academies Have Something to Hide?

“Because I truly believe Providence’s schools cannot afford even greater underfunding than they currently face, this change seems like good policy to me. Having said that, however, I can understand the opposition to this clause felt by members of the Blackstone Valley Prep community (the only current mayoral academy in RI). Obviously they don’t want to have funding taken from their school, in the same way that folks in Providence are worried about losing funding because of Achievement First.”

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Teacher Evaluations

Aaron Regunberg, GoLocalProv MINDSETTER™

Headline: Teaching Evaluations Another Education Reform Failure

There was a significant period in my life when I thought I would probably end up as a teacher, preferably high school history. It was a future career that excited me, and inspired me to get involved in education from a young age. My plan, of course, was to be a good teacher (obviously that’s infinitely easier said than done, but my ambition was to really put in the dedication, patience, and long-term commitment necessary to become a truly effective educator).”


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