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slides: 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Rhode Island

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In GoLocal's first-ever ranking of the Most Dangerous Intersections in New England, Rhode Island claimed 8 of the 10 most dangerous spots on the road. Six of those 8 intersections were on I-95 as it slices up to Providence from South County, and on toward Pawtucket. See what Rhode Island's Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections are, based on GoLocal's proprietary ranking formula. (For more on GoLocal's methodology, go here.)


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#10 Most Dangerous

I-95/Exit 25

Providence, Rhode Island

This stretch of I-95 north of Providence can be a confusing set-aside of lanes for North Main Street and Smithfield Avenue.

New England ranking: #13

Total crashes: 122

Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 53
Property damage: 69

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#9 Most Dangerous

Rte. 6 & RI Rte. 10

Providence, Rhode Island

The area surrounding the split of Route 6 and RI Route 10 prompts quick lane changing and requires quick reflexes and hyperawareness.

New England ranking: #12

Total crashes: 150

Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 79
Property damage: 71

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#8 Most Dangerous

I-295/Exit 3

Cranston, Rhode Island

Exits 3A/B offer a three-quarter cloverleaf interchange with Rhode Island 37.

New England ranking: #10

Total crashes: 95

Fatalities: 1
Injuries: 59
Property damage: 35

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#7 Most Dangerous

I-95/Exit 24

Providence, Rhode Island

The Branch Avenue interchange is a busy thoroughfare, often utilized by southbound commuters hoping to avoid the downtown rush hour traffic

New England ranking: #9

Total crashes: 134

Fatalities: 1
Injuries: 52
Property damage: 81

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#6 Most Dangerous

I-295/Exit 6

Johnston, Rhode Island

This draw-over of traffic via Exit 6 to Route 6 can be a last-minute lane-changing challenge.

New England ranking: #7

Total crashes: 144

Fatalities: 1
Injuries: 65
Property damage: 78

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#5 Most Dangerous

I-95/Exit 18

Providence, Rhode Island

The Thurbers Avenue curves remain infamous among Rhode Islanders for their danger.

New England ranking: #6

Total crashes: 232

Fatalities: 1
Injuries: 86
Property damage: 145

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#4 Most Dangerous

I-95/Exits 14/15

Warwick, Rhode Island

When Route 37 departs I-95 at this very busy interchage, motorists must make rapid decisions about whether they want to head toward the Garden City area or not. For the novice, the signage can be daunting at best.

New England ranking: #5

Total crashes: 254

Fatalities: 1
Injuries: 87
Property damage: 166

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#3 Most Dangerous

I-95/Exit 23

Providence, Rhode Island

It's one of Rhode Island's scariest sections, even when practically at a standstill at rush-hour. Motorists constantly misjudge their destination at this departure of Rte. 146 from I-95 that includes a State House exit, and danger ensues.

New England ranking: #3

Total crashes: 98

Fatalities: 2
Injuries: 50
Property damage: 46

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#2 Most Dangerous

I-95/Exit 22

Providence, Rhode Island

More high-speed urban navigating has traditionally made this exit a very dangerous one for drivers, particularly those who enter the area without local knowledge.

New England ranking: #2

Total crashes: 347

Fatalities: 2
Injuries: 54
Property damage: 291

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#1 Most Dangerous

I-95/Exit 20

Providence, Rhode Island

A complete reworking of stretches of I-95 through Providence has reshuffled the location of Exit 20, which used to be the right-hand exit-only lane for I-195 East toward Cape Cod. Time will tell whether the new Exit 20 (shown here) can shed its reputation.

New England ranking: #1

Total crashes: 217

Fatalities: 2
Injuries: 90
Property damage: 125


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Michael Trenn

If they put a light at the top of the Branch Avenue exit ramp, that would help. The Smithfield Ave. exit has one, and it is not on the list.

John Deary

getting from I-95 north to I-195 east, and vice versa is not for the faint hearted. I did it for 30 years plus using I-95 thru exits 20,21 to get to north providence or work in providence. I survived and moved to Florida in 2003. Have had two accidents, both resulting in total loss of vehicle. Nothing is more dangerous than an old person confused and behind the wheel (OMG, that's me now!)

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