Moore’s T-Time is Working to Transform Learning Via Transformative Applications of Tech

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


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Theresa Moore with T-Time Productions

Theresa Moore is looking to leverage her own educational, creative and business success into a new model of teaching — one that leverages digital apps, animation, and potentially virtual reality to transform learning.

Moore, an East Providence native, was a star athlete in high school and had a successful track career at Harvard University.

Her firm, T-Time Productions, has produced a number of successful video content projects. Moore was the Executive Producer, Producer, Director and co-writer of T-Time’s “Third and Long,” a ground-breaking documentary that examines the history of African Americans in pro football and premiered on CBS. 

On Monday, she appeared on GoLocal LIVE's Business Monday as part of an ongoing series highlighting the programs of Commerce RI. Moore's firm was the recipient of an Innovation Voucher.

Prior to T-Time, Moore an extensive career at ESPN. "We're developing content for new media, not all sports-related. We have eight to ten projects," says Moore. One area of particular interest to her is South Africa.

"I worked on 'Images in Black and White' [a February 2005 ESPN documentary] about African American athletes' achievements in the context of racial, social and political changes in the country," she told the Ivy League.

"AIDS is destroying the country's ability to pass on its history to its children,' she says. One way to bridge the gap? 'Mini-documentaries to show in the classroom about notable Black South Africans, not more than 15 minutes,' according to Moore."

Now, beyond the documentaries, T-Time is developing an animated series on the Boston busing conflict based on the book “All Souls” by Michael Patrick MacDonald, who grew up during the crisis.

Moore also had a stint at The Coca-Cola Company where she developed and executed strategic marketing, operational and promotional plans for some of the world’s premier sports properties including the Olympic Games, the NBA, NASCAR and the FIFA World Cup.

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Image from the animated series on the Boston Busing Crisis

This series is part of a sponsored content series between Commerce RI and GoLocalProv focused on small business.


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