LIVE: Home Design For “Aging in Place” With Robin Garceau

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


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Robin Garceau

Interior designer and realtor Robin Garceau says as many people want to stay in their home as long as possible, especially with the high cost of assisted living and nursing homes, so the term “aging in place” came about.

Garceau explains more people are taking the steps to design or remodel their homes so that they can age in place, meaning stay in their homes and age comfortably and with ease. 

To custom design a or rennovate a home to age in place, Garceau says design the floor plan and keep in mind what could happen down the road. She says think about universal design, like wider hallways and doorways that will allow for wheelchair access and a wheelchair to turn around.  

Another simple concept is making the thresholds to doorways flush to eliminate tripping hazards. 

The bathroom and showers are other areas people think about when they consider age in place design. Garceau says there are many types of shower designs even handles available with modern looks and feels to make it easy to get into and out of the shower. 


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