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slides: You Know You’re From Pawtucket When…

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


How well do you know the cities and towns of Rhode Island? Well, we're about to put your knowledge of the Ocean State to the test.

GoLocal is pleased to take Rhode Islanders on a tour of the inner workings of many towns and cities across the state. It’s the authentic look at each location – no room for wannabes or posers here.

Today’s voyage is to Pawtucket. Located in Providence County, this historic city was home to the country's first fully mechanized cotton-spinning mill and was a major player during the Industrial Revolution. Today, Pawtucket is still bustling in terms of its ingenuity. The city currently touts 300 industries and 1,000 commercial and service establishments – including Hasbro, which is one of the world's largest toy manufacturers.

Are you ready to test your knowledge of the ins and outs of Pawtucket? Check out the slideshow below to see if you make the grade.


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Fanny the Elephant

If you’re from Pawtucket you definitely remember Fanny the elephant at Slater Park.

Purchased from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus in 1958, the beloved Fanny served as a symbol for Pawtucket for over three decades.

Fanny ultimately left Pawtucket in 1993 and resided at the Black Beauty ranch until her death in 2003. The news of Fanny’s death was such a major deal that the Providence Journal ran an obituary for the famous elephant.

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Rockin’ at the Leroy

You know you’re from Pawtucket if you saw Aerosmith rock the Leroy Theater on March 8, 1978.

Originally known as Pawtucket’s “Million Dollar Theater,” the Leroy entertained fans as a concert and movie showcase for over 60 years before closing in 1990. In its prime, the Leroy was able to attract some of the biggest names in music including Aerosmith, Bob Seger, The Kinks, The J. Geils Band, Blondie, and Frank Zappa.

Who do you remember seeing?

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Palagi Brothers

You know you’re from Pawtucket if you’ve ever had frozen lemonade from a Palagi Bros Ice Cream and Frozen Lemonade truck.

Founded by Peter Palagi Sr., the Palagi family has been serving summer smiles to Pawtucket residents for over 100 years.

What’s your favorite flavor?

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Bobby’s Rollaway

You know you’re from Pawtucket if you once attended at skating party at Bobby’s Rollaway.

Located on Newport Avenue, Bobby’s Rollaway was the place to skate if you were a teen in the ‘70s and ‘80s. And who could forget their classic television ad featuring the classic Yes song “Owner of a Lonely Heart.”

Want a taste of nostalgia? Check out the ad below.

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Modern Diner

You know you’re Pawtucket if you remember eating at the Modern Diner when it was located on Dexter Street.

Most folks know consider the Modern Diner a symbol of East Avenue, but this classic eatery was originally located on Dexter Street when it was built in 1940. One of just two Sterling Streamliner diners in existence today, the Modern Diner was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

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You know you’re from Pawtucket if you’re first job was bagging groceries at Almacs.

This local favorite served Pawtucket residents and many throughout New England for over 50 years until it closed in the mid ‘90s. In its heyday, Almacs had 30 locations throughout Rhode Island.

If you grew up in the ’60s and ‘70s you might even remember receiving S&H Green Stamps at the checkout counter.

Photo: Flickr/Ken Carr

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Darlton Theatre

You know you’re from Pawtucket if you used to spend your Friday night watching second run movies at the Darlton Theatre.

Located in the Darlington section of Pawtucket, this retro style theatre was a local mainstay for 37 years before closing its doors in 1977. If you truly remember the Darlton you’ll recall the theatre’s most unique feature: an infant crying room.

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You know you’re from Pawtucket if you used to do your school clothes shopping at Apex.

Originally founded as an automotive service business, Apex has served the retail needs of Pawtucket residents for over 90 years. Known for its trademark pyramid-shaped roof, Apex was also home to the Rhode Island DMV until it relocated to Cranston in 2010.

Photo: Flickr/Marc Belanger

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McCoy Stadium

Every Rhode Islander may know about McCoy Stadium, but only a true Pawtucket native remembers when the Pawtucket Indians played there.

Prior to the Paw Sox, the Indians, a minor league affiliate of the Cleveland Indians played their home games at McCoy from 1966 to 1967. Do you remember catching an Indians game at McCoy?

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Duckpin Bowling

You know you’re from Pawtucket if you used to spend your Saturday nights bowling at Down Under Duckpin Bowling.

Down Under, formerly known as Sullivan’s and later Chip’s, featured 24 lanes and a small deli/coffee counter called Chip’s cafeteria. For those people who weren’t interested in bowling alley cuisine, there was a Sullivan’s Steak House right across the street.

Photo: Flickr/Steve Snodgrass

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American Buffalo

You know you’re from Pawtucket if you tried to be an extra in the movie American Buffalo.

Filmed entirely in Pawtucket, American Buffalo was the second feature film directed by Pawtucket native Michael Corrente. Interestingly, the Times Square Restaurant was renamed the Riverside Diner during filming – a name is still bears to this day.

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Howell Smith Druggist

You know you’re from Pawtucket if you still fill your prescriptions at Howell Smith Druggist

One of the few remaining family-owned independent pharmacies remaining in Rhode Island, Howell Smith Druggist has been serving Pawtucket residents since 1938.

So what has kept this pharmacy in business for all this years? According to their website its their quality customer service and personal touch. “When you call Howell Smith Druggist during business hours, you will always speak to a real person!” reads the website.


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