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slides: You Know You’re From East Providence When…

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


How well do you know the cities and towns of Rhode Island? Well, we're about to put your knowledge of the Ocean State to the test.

GoLocal is pleased to take Rhode Islanders on a tour of the inner workings of many towns and cities across the state. It’s the authentic look at each location – no room for wannabes or posers here.

Today’s voyage is to East Providence. Once part of Massachusetts, this historic city was the first settlement of Roger Williams in 1636. Known for its diverse cultural history, East Providence consists of five neighborhoods, each with a distinct character all their own. 

Are you ready to test your knowledge of the ins and outs of East Providence? Check out the slideshow below to see if you make the grade.


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Dreams of Making it Big

You know you’re from East Providence if the thought of being a famous TV personality, musician or director has ever crossed your mind.

East Providence holds claim to several famous residents, including Kim Schifino of the indie rock duo Matt and Kim, Jennifer Lee, Oscar winning director of Frozen, and TV presenter and journalist Meredith Vieira.

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Sparky's Coney Island System

You know you’re from East Providence if you’ve eaten a gagga “all the way” at Sparky's Coney Island System.

Opened 1915, Sparky’s has been serving up hot wieners for nearly a century and is still in business today. Recently, Sparky’s has been remodeled and some new menu items have been added, but true locals still order a gagga “all the way.”

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Crescent Park Carousel

You know you’re from East Providence if you were lucky enough to grab a gold ring while riding the Crescent Park Carousel.

Originally hand carved in 1895, the carousel at Crescent Park has been delighting local residents for over a century. In 1985, the RI General Assembly declared the ride as “The State Jewel of American Folk Art.” And what’s more, the ride still only costs a dollar.

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Daisy Mae Diner

You know you’re from East Providence if you once met “Pete” the Meatball King at Daisy Mae’s Diner.

Formerly located on North Broadway, Daisy Mae’s was much more than your average diner. In fact, Daisy Mae’s served up authentic Italian cuisine like spaghetti, raviolis, and grinders. Owned Peter Zollo, Daisy Mae was known as the diner “where truck drivers eat.”

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Willett Ave. Pond

You know you’re from East Providence if you’ve ice skated at the Willett Ave. Pond.

Located in Riverside, this scenic pond has served as a popular location for ice skating in the winter and fishing in the summer for decades. There’s also a path around the water, which can be used for walking or jogging.

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Hollywood Theater

You know you’re from East Providence if you remember seeing a movie at the Hollywood Theatre.

Prior to the East Providence 10, the Hollywood Theater was the primary location for East Providence residents to see a second run movie. The theater was in business for three decades prior to shutting down in the early 1960s. Interestingly, the first film screened by the theater was the 1931 western Cimarron, which won three Academy Awards.

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East Providence Lanes

You know you’re from East Providence if you’ve spent a Friday night cosmic bowling at East Providence Lanes.

East Providence Lanes has been synonymous with bowling in East Providence and Rhode Island as a whole for decades. It features an arcade, six pool tables, and of course, cosmic bowling every Friday and Saturday night.

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Joe’s Spa

You know you’re from East Providence if you remember playing pinball at Joe’s Spa.

Located on Broadway, Joe’s was popular eatery and hangout spot in the 1950s and 1960s. If you weren’t eating eggs and bacon for reatkfast, chances are you were hanging out with friends and playing pinball.

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Wampanoag Mall

If you’re from East Providence, you most certainly remember shopping at the old Wampanoag Mall.

Although it’s currently known as Wampanoag Plaza, the current strip mall was once a popular indoor mall. Built in the 1960s, Wampanoag Mall featured many popular stores, including Sacketts, Midland Records, CVS, Cherry and Webb, Fanny Farmer Chocolates, and Cerel’s Jewelers.

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United Skates of America

If you’re from East Providence, chances are you’ve attended at least one birthday party at United Skates of America.

Located in Rumford, United Skates of America has been the go-to birthday party destination for Rhode Islanders for many years. Aside from a roller skate rink, this 30,000-square-foot complex features a 25-foot-high rock climbing tower, video arcade, skee-ball and, of course, the notable laser tag arena.


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