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slides: You Know You’re From Bristol When…

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Thames Street, located in the Bristol Waterfront Historic District.

How well do you know the cities and towns of Rhode Island? Well, we're about to put your knowledge of the Ocean State to the test.

GoLocal is pleased to take Rhode Islanders on a tour of the inner workings of many towns and cities across the state. It’s the authentic look at each location – no room for wannabes or posers here.

Today’s voyage is to Bristol. Known for hosting the oldest Fourth of July celebration in the country, this historic seaport is home to a host of local treasurers – including Roger Williams University, the East Bay Bike Path, and the Mount Hope Bridge. In addition to Bristol’s well-known attractions, the town also boasts countless hidden gems.

Are you ready to test your knowledge of the ins and outs of Bristol? Check out the slideshow below to see if you make the grade.

You know you’re from Bristol when…


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Red, White, and Blue

You know you’re from Bristol if you bought a house on Hope Street because of the Fourth of July parade.

The Bristol Fourth of July parade may be nationally recognized as the oldest Fourth of July celebration in the country, but it takes a true Bristol native to know that parade preparation begins at 3am.

Don’t forget the lawn chairs. 

Photo: Flickr/H.C. Williams

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Sip ‘N Dip Donuts

You know you’re from Bristol when you’ve had Sip ‘N Dip’s "Big Train Frozen Coffee" after riding your bike on the East Bay bike path.

It may seem counter intuitive to refuel with coffee and donuts after a day of bike riding, but don’t tell that to Bristol residents. Some have even been known to grab an ice coffee beforehand so they can “Sip ‘N Dip” while they bike.

And remember, don’t ever let a Bristol native hear you call Sip N’ Dip a Dunkin Donuts knock-off. 

Photo: Flickr/lsiegert

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Blithewold Mansion

You know you’re from Bristol if you sniffed the daffodils at Blithewold Mansion, Gardens, and Arboretum.

Know for its beautiful gardens, many locals have been known to spend a sunny summer afternoon walking the grounds of Blithewold.

Not just popular in the summer, locals also come to Blithewold during Christmas time to see the wonderful Christmas decorations and to sample the afternoon tea.

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Kelly's Hamburgers

You know you’re from Bristol if you remember eating the “Topper” at Kelly’s Hamburgers

Although it’s no longer in business, Kelly’s satisfied Bristol residents for many years with its famous “Topper” burger. If you weren’t in the mood for beef, Kelly’s menu also included a tasty fish burger.

Graduates of Guiteras Elementary School also fondly remember Kelly’s as a popular after school destination.  And who could blame them? It was located right across the street.

Photo: Flickr/Pointnshoot

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Carnival at the Common

You know you’re from Bristol if you’ve attended the carnival at the Bristol Town Common.

Held annually from late June until July 4, his carnival has dazzled locals with rides, games, and entertainment for many years.

What would a summer in Bristol be without the carnival at the Common?

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Grinder – All the Way

You know you’re from Bristol when you get a grinder “all the way” at Goglia's Market.

Family owned and operated since 1918, Goglia’s offers a wide variety of grinders including the famous Italian and the willow tree chicken salad. And don’t forget the blade meat grinder.

Many Bristol residents consider Goglia’s grinders to be the best in the entire East Bay, and who are we to argue?

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Pastime Theatre

You know you’re from Bristol if you used to if you used to spend your Friday nights catching a movie at the Pastime Theatre.

For almost a century, the Pastime was the place to be for Friday night movies and Saturday afternoon matinees.

The single-screen 600-seat theatre closed its doors in 2003, but will always be remembered by Bristol residents.

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Sam’s Pizza

You know you’re from Bristol if you went to Sam’s Pizza…and still do.

Sam’s has been a local institution since the 1950s and is still alive and kicking to this day. A popular hangout amongst teens for decades, Sam’s still offers soda in old-style Coke bottles and features a huge retro counter so you can see the cook make your pizza.

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Hollywood in Bristol

You know you’re from Bristol if you tried to be an extra in The Great Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby may have filmed mainly in Newport, but it also included scenes shot at the Linden Place Mansion in Bristol.

If you were a teenage girl in 1974, chances are you and a couple of your friends ran down to Hope Street on the day of filming to try and catch a glimpse of Hollywood heartthrob Robert Redford.

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Campagna's Pharmacy

You know you’re from Bristol if you refer to CVS as Campagna’s.

CVS may now occupy the busy corner on State Street where Campagna’s Pharmacy once stood, but the family-owned pharmacy has never left the hearts of Bristol residents.

So next time you hear someone from Bristol say, “I’m going to pick up my prescription at Campagna’s” you’ll know what they mean.


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