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Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Etiquette

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


How to do our national holiday of love correctly? Didi Lorillard has the answer when it comes to the perfect gift.

With America's big love holiday on the horizon, Didi Lorillard has this counsel on how to do the right thing on February 14th.

The best gift for your Valentine is one that comes from your thoughts and heart. If it is a new relationship, you shouldn't spend over a hundred dollars, although surveys show the average Valentine gift costs $150. When you've been together for a while, it really doesn't matter what you spend. By keeping the value in the 100-150 dollar range you're not setting high expectations but you're still playing the Valentine game.

Men v. Women

Not surprisingly, men and women appreciate different kinds of gifts. Men want something they need that they don't have time to search for and buy. The exception would be clothing because metrosexual men are into buying their own clothes. If he's not into buying clothing, then find him that lumber jack plaid shirt you've always fantasized about seeing him wearing, or order him perfect-fitting khaki trousers from bonobos.com.

A current popular gift if you're dating is a picture frame. Unless you've got a photo of his dog for it, don't fill it with your photo. But you can put this sweet note inside the glass, "You can't put memories in a box." Without a photo of yourself in the frame, he'll be challenged to fill it.

Do not buy her something she "needs"

Women buy a man something he needs, but men, whatever you do, don't buy a woman something you think she needs. Certainly not a new coffee maker or microwave. Nothing could be less romantic. Woman want something they don't need. A satin nightgown. Or almost any kind of jewelry. But not chocolates, or you'll be accused of sabotaging her diet, or a necklace with a heart, because her boyfriend in seventh grade gave her one, and one is enough. Sending flowers to her office early so she can gloat all day about having an admirer before taking her for a romantic dinner, is more than good enough for anybody.  

For 8 Valentine's Day gifts for her that fit the bill, go here. 


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