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SON OF SANDY UPDATE: Powerful Nor’easter Arriving This Morning

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


A storm continues to develop off the mid-Atlantic coast this morning. It will not be quite so intense or devastating as Sandy but nonetheless could cause significant coastal problems and perhaps a small preview of winter at some inland locations.

Powerful northeaster storm

This storm will not have the tropical connection that boosted Sandy to super-storm status but instead will be a powerful garden-variety northeaster not all that unusual from this time of year through the winter months. It will move toward New England today and slowly pass the region by later Thursday afternoon.

Wet snow and rain

The air around at the outset is cold enough to produce some wet snow mixed with rain for many of us and perhaps even a couple of slushy inches over higher terrain of northwest Rhode Island. Sheets of rain and northeast winds will pick up later today and tonight into Thursday morning, gusting 40-50 mph inland a perhaps to 60mph in a few gusts along the coast. Scattered power outages are not out of the realm of possibility but should not be widespread. Tides may run 2-4 feet above normal especially early Thursday morning around the 2 am high tide. Once again significant beach erosion could occur leading to minor coastal flooding much less significant than occurred during Sandy.

I will continue to track the storm and keep you posted with future updates.


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