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NEW: Taylor Swift’s New T-Shirt Fight—With Westerly Print Shop

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


OMG!!! Kevin Adams' fun t-shirt immortalizing TSwift's move to Watch Hill has been pulled from the shelves, after pressure from her camp.

Taylor Swift is making headlines in Rhode Island again, and this time, it’s about a t-shirt printed by Kevin Adams, the owner of a T-shirt printing business called J. Mack Studios in Westerly.

One of J.Mack's t-shirts became popular because it features a photo of the singer with the caption “OMG!!! Watch Hill!?!?” No go on that shirt, said Taylor's reps, asking J. Mack to stop selling it. “It was not supposed to be a big deal," Adams told GoLocal. “It was supposed to be something fun.”

This Watch Hill incident is not the pop star’s first fight over a t-shirt. Earlier this month, Abercrombie & Fitch was selling shirts that read “#more boyfriends than t.s.” This line angered many of her fans because the shirt was mocking Swift and her love life. The brand eventually removed the shirt from its collection after a storm of irritated phone calls and petitions from Swift's fan base.

However, for Adams and his business, the t-shirt was a creative way to capture the excitement of living near this huge pop star. “My intention with this shirt was not to make money,” said Adams. “It was simply to have fun and acknowledge her as our neighbor. It’s exciting to have her around here.”

Since buying her beachfront mansion in Watch Hill, Swift has not had the best relationship with locals. Many people of the town have complained about increased amount of security for public beach access. The singer’s property also borders a local teen and surfer hang out spot, making it difficult for the community to enjoy the town’s attractions.   


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I have to strongly disagree with the editorial comment at the end of this article. Every first hand account I have heard from people who have had the pleasure of interacting with Ms. Swift, her family or staff since her arrival in Watch Hill have without exception had an extremely positive experience and have noted her and her folks courtesy, graciousness and friendliness. She lives a very public life and wishes some privacy in her own home and this makes her a bad person? Please, leave her alone and let her enjoy Rhode Island. Welcome to WH Taylor - you rock!

Comment #1 by c w on 2013 06 27

I see no big concern with that, but I guess it is a matter of competition.

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Comment #2 by henry oliver on 2014 04 23

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