NEW: Drone Footage Shows Abandoned Historic Barrington Estate

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


A drone video shows a new perspective on a historic abandoned Barrington estate. 

Jason Allard with Uncommon Sense Media posted the nearly two-minute video of Belton Court Estate, most recently the Zion Bible Institute, which moved to Massachusetts in 2008 -- leaving the property vacant. 

"Belton Court Estate is the ninth in Uncommon's Abandoned series, which traces the history of historical locations throughout New England," said Allard. "The series focuses on sites that are obvious examples of urban decay - once bustling locations and social centers now slowly being reclaimed by nature. It's nostalgic, eerie, and sometimes unsettling."

"I decided to visit the Belton Court Estate after seeing a photo of the empty fountain in the main courtyard. There's always that one spot at every location that just sums up its history and potential. I couldn't find much footage, so I set out with my drone to see what I could capture," added Allard. "The perspective we're able to get from above is amazing, especially at Belton Court. The scope of its abandonment is something I wanted to show, and the aerial footage really allows for that."

About Allard & Company

Uncommon Sense Media is a full-service multimedia studio specializing in video production and still/portrait photography.

Director and editor Allard produces a range of digital products for corporate and small business clients, including digital shorts, music videos and feature-length documentaries. In 2014, Rhode Island PBS broadcast his documentary “My Old School” to more than 40,000 households.

"Uncommon will continue to locate and film abandoned places of intrigue and nostalgia to Rhode Island and neighboring communities," said Allard. "A new documentary is also in the works that follows classic car culture and is planned for a 2019 release."

To view previous videos in the abandoned series or to follow upcoming releases visit

EDITOR's NOTE: This piece was first published 6/25/18 8:09 PM


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