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NEW: Brown Named #1 Most Sexy/Smart College in US

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Brown's most famous recent undergrad, Emma Watson, sums up the sexy/smart quotient that put the university at the top of the list for 2013. Photo: David Shankbone.

Brown University is the sexiest, smartest college in the country, according to a new mashup of data from Buzzfeed.com.

To arrive at its sexy/smart college rankings, BuzzFeed used Forbes's academic rankings of colleges and universities and crossed it with dating site DateMySchool's hotness index, which measures the attractiveness of students by how much interest their dating profiles get. Schools in the top right of the graph above scored high in both.

Brown rules in sexy/smarts

Named the #1 college in the nation on the new matrix, Brown has been dubbed "the top place for eye candy and brain power," according to Buzzfeed's Anna North. Brown's best overall ranking was due to a #5 ranking in hotness and #19 in academics.

Brown bested Ivy League rivals Dartmouth College (#2), Princeton (#3), University of Pennsylvania (#4), Columbia (#5), and Harvard (#8). Filling out the rest of the Buzzfeed's sexy/smart Top 10 were Boston College (#6), Boston University (#7), University of Virginia (#9), and Carnegie Mellon (#10).

Schools that sat at the Less Acadamic/Less Sexy corner of Buzzfeed's matrix were Wayne University and the University of Houston

See the sexy/smartest schools in the graphic from Buzzfeed, below. 


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