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NEW: Brown Lowest-Ranked Ivy League School in Top Colleges List

Monday, November 28, 2011


The reception was a little chilly for Brown with Business Insider readers

A brand-new ranking of America's Best Colleges by Business Insider puts Brown University in a Top 20 spot, but at the bottom of the Ivy League.

The popular business and finance Web site polled 1,273 Business Insider readers to rank 70 top schools based on "one thing that matters: how much a college will help you have a successful career." Business Insider asked its readers to assess criteria on whether a college:

  • Taught students to be independent thinkers who know how to express themselves
  • Granted an impressive degree
  • Connected students to an influential alumni network.

Responding to those criteria, Business Insider readers put the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the #1 position, followed by California powerhouse Stanford University at #2.

Brown: last of the Ivies

Brown took the #15 slot in the just-released listing, giving way to every other Ivy League School: Harvard (#3), Princeton (#4), Yale (#5), Columbia (#7), Dartmouth (#8), University of Pennsylvania (#9), and Cornell (#10).

Also weighing in ahead of Brown in the ranking was the California Institute of Technology (#6), the University of Chicago (#11), Duke (#12), Johns Hopkins (#13) and University of California-Berkeley (#14).

Other New England colleges making the Top 50 included Amherst College (#22), Williams College (#26), Boston College (#33), Tufts (#37), Middlebury (#39), Wellesley (#42), Bowdoin (#44) and Wesleyan (#47).

For the entire listing, go here.

For more coverage of college life, check out GoLocalTV, fresh every day at 4pm and on demand 24/7, here.


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paul zecchino

Brown is a master of hubristic self-promotion, and its hubris over time exchanged celebrity for achievement. This is why today it's devolved to the level of a day care center for the adult children of aging hippies, presided over by a Goldman-Sachs conniver who answers routine questions to do with financial chicanery and people dead before their time with written lies rather than inconvenient and self-indicting truth.

Brown is sinking and will continue to to do even as it gloms yet more money from the vainglorious to remain afloat. It's mixed up to its brown eyeballs with the crime syndicate which cynically promotes this 'medical technology educational center' that the New MOB is trying to build up around the Lifespan campus. And of course, this new technology is so great, so commercially viable, all's required is more money from the American citizens to keep the gag going.

Brown's presidents both present and emeritus lied to us in writing when we asked it ordinary questions which an honest American citizen would answer directly with simple yes or no replies.

But not Brown, because Brown would prefer to steal money from the American people any way it can, to fund its vainglorious veneer, behind which it hopes to stuff illegals who come not to 'do the work Americans won't', but instead to plunder the hard-won liberty and property of the American people - with a little help from the badly aging leftist professors who infest Brown, who rail against wealth and capitalism, even as they grind yet more of it from the American people.

Paul Vincent Zecchino
Manasota Key, Florida
29 November, 2011

Jonathan Flynn

"Vainglorious veneer." "Hubristic self-promotion" Leftist infestations! GoLOCOProv!

george pratt

MIT must have moved from New England. How do you miss the top school in the study, but mention Bowdoin.

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