MUSIC: Vudu Sister Shivers Up The Salon

Saturday, October 20, 2012


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Vudu Sister's Keith McCurdy strikes an atmospheric pose, before rocking the stage at The Salon.

On a dark and spooky night at The Salon in downtown Providence, Haunt The House, Dan Blakeslee's alter ego Doctor Gasp and Vudu Sister were bringing chills down people's spines at The Cutting Room area for a mesmerizing evening. With orange lights, candy-filled jack-o-lanterns and a screening of John Carpenter's The Thing on the right wall adjacent to the stage, the ambience was perfect for a premature Halloween celebration. Wonderful tunes and great vibes filled up the room and a show for the ages was in store for all.

Haunt The House

Westerly's William Houlihan and his musical project Haunt The House started off with chilling acoustic music that captivated the masses. An intimately emphatic performance that included "Vampyre", "When I Once Lived" and "Eden" opened up to a loud applause from the audience. Haunt The House has an EP available that you should get next time you see William play some beautiful notes.

Doctor Gasp

Boston's Dan Blakeslee dressed up in his ivory-masked alter ego Doctor Gasp rocked the crowd with his kracken-adorned guitar as part of his Misshapen Jackolantern tour that's been sweeping the Northeast since October 5th at The Unchanted Gallery in Lowell, MA. There were no tricks but plenty of treats with the songs "The Phantom Saloon", "She Vampire Tamer!", "The Vampire Fish", a cover of Boris Pickett and The Crypt-Kickers' "The Monster Mash", "The Headless Horseman", "Pingree The Prowler" and "Teeth of Candy Corn". Doctor Gasp will be at The Waterhole in Saranac Lake, NY, on October 22 for the next stop on this tour. If you're in the area you should check out this amazing live act.

Vudu Sister

Keith McCurdy and his rhythmic baby Vudu Sister has been making a lot of waves in the Providence music scene lately with his infectious brand of rock & roll that's been invading souls like a loud, raucous, feel-good virus. Tonight he definitely held up to the billing with "Galliard", "Underground", "Dead Man's Pockets", "The Quiet Man", "Revival", "Daughter of The Woods", "Wicked King", "One Of A Kind" and a cover of Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons' "I Never" to cap off an earth-shattering performance. Vudu Sister currently has their debut album Bastard Children out, and I might be biased but it's definitely one of the best albums of 2012. Keith also has a new album due out early next year as well so keep your eyes peeled and your ears listening. Next time you want to see some awesome live music at one of the hippest places in Providence to catch a show, either stop by and check out The Salon's calendar on the front door or log on to for all the details.


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