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MUSIC: Toxic Holocaust Thrashes Through Dusk

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Toxic Holocaust on stage at Dusk (photo: Lisa Gourley

People in certain circles like to refer to Sunday as the sabbath day, even though a few crazies I know would like to think Saturday is more fitting for such a name. So on such a holy day, you couldn't celebrate in a better way than at a metal show at Dusk. Thrash fiends Toxic Holocaust headlined a night full of shredding and absolute loudness that was guaranteed to destroy your eardrums. Venomizer, In Defence and Ramming Speed rounded out the bill, my brain was never going to be the same. Head-banging, moshing and all out insanity was in store. Metalheads wouldn't of had it any other way.

A local metal quartet that knows how to destroy everything in their path, Venomizer kicked things off with authority. Lighting fast and chock full of massive aggression, they had the timeless essence similar to Slayer but the vocals reminded me a lot of French metal giants Gojira. People were going crazy, even a couple guys had their own little terrifying circle pit going on. A thunderous beginning to a hell of a show, Venomizer brought a taste of what's happening with metal in The Creative Capital. Keep tabs on these guys, extremely talented and quite the act to see.

With a lead singer that looked like a cross between Biohazard's Evan Seinfeld and Judas Priest's Rob Halford in a mini skirt, In Defence were in your face from the get go. Along with talking about Bruce Springsteen & Bon Jovi, they did have raw & intense way of playing that people dug. Keeping the emphasis at a gigantic high, they had even more people going nuts with a sea of flying bodies all over the place. The whole scene was utter chaos that had everyone feeding off it like a pack of bloodthirsty zombies on a beating heart. The drums were feverish while the guitars had a superb edge by sounding sludgy and spine-tingling. Grindcore tendencies and very badass, In Defence have a few albums out titled Don't Know How To Break Dance and Party Lines and Politics. I suggest getting both of them and getting down with the madness.

Ramming Speed lived up to their name with a maniacal stage presence and blistering riffs. At this point my head felt as if it got hit with a sledgehammer as well as my ears letting me know on numerous occasions how much they were going to hate me in the morning. It comes with the territory though, Ramming Speed pounded and reviled through every track like there was no tomorrow. Hellacious vocals and an definite will to crush skulls, these guys obliterated the room with wrecked abandon. Another amazing metal band on this night, Ramming Speed lit things up like a burning building. Hopefully they come back to Providence soon.

A few moments later the act that everyone came to see tear it up took things over. The place was packed and ready to resume the pandemonium that constantly took place throughout the entire night, collective energies combining to form a volatile force. Toxic Holocaust started it off with "Agony Of The Damned" to set the tone. People started moshing again along with heads banding and fists pumping. "Wild Dogs" was like musical scorched earth with rambunctious structure while "Awaken The Serpent" had people playing a game of human bumper cars. "In The Name Of Science" made the pit enlarge double the size, bodies crashing against each other from all directions. "War Is Hell" started a war on the ground floor, the crowd was into it on numerous levels. The big surprise of the night was getting to see crowd surfing for the first time at Dusk, which is highly dangerous at such a small club but nobody really cared. After all, it is a metal show so play your part. In tribute to the Salem Witch Trials, Toxic Holocaust ended their initial performance with "Bitch". It was a given that these fanatics wanted more and Toxic Holocaust granted their wish with an encore of "Gravelord" that concluded a show that annihilated all that was sacred. It's not every night you get to see a show like this up close, but it was a pleasure to witness with so much brilliance on stage. Every band was great and there was no letting up, one of the best shows I've ever seen at a small little classy joint in Providence. For the next show you don't want to miss, log on to duskprovidence.com to be in the know on where to go.


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#12 Galleria Umberto Rosticceria (Boston)

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#10 Al Forno (Old Saybrook, CT)

Margherita Pizza
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#9 Coppa (Boston)

Salsiccia Pizza
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#8 Scampo (Boston)

Lamb Pizza
Overall Rank: 41
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#5 Regina Pizzeria (Boston)

Melanzane Pizza
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#2 Sally's Apizza (New Haven, CT)

Tomato Pie
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#1 Frank Pepe's (New Haven, CT)

White Clam Pizza
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Established in 1925, Frank Pepe's Pizzeria's white clam pizza is rated as not only the best pizza in New England, but also best in all of America.  The pizzeria uses coal-fired brick ovens, and uses only fresh clams in their most famous pie. Frank Pepe's has been a favorite for many celebrities over the years, including Ronald Regan and Frank Sinatra. 

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